Thursday, February 25, 2021

Americans Losing Their Lust For Freedom, Independence


The United States used to be the unquestioned world leader in freedom. The nation was born via the Declaration of Independence. It successfully fought a great civil war to free the slaves and bring its founding proclamations and principles to all of its citizens. Later, it fought to free other states from Fascism and Communism, again at great cost.

For over two centuries, its citizens seemed steeped in freedom, something they revered above all else. They cherished limited government, republicanism, individual rights, pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps, taking off on “road trips” down Route 66 and many other highways and byways, and the chance to create and run their own businesses.  

Whether they admitted it or not, countless millions of people around the world knew this and respected it. Countless millions—perhaps billions-- benefitted from this uniquely American affinity for real freedom. Freedom from oppressive governments.

Tragically, the Wuhan Flu, among other things, appears to have destroyed Americans’ independent spirit. We here in the U.S. have been locked down for nearly a year now…and a simple majority appear to like it. When we are told that we must not leave our homes, we say, “Yes sir/ma’am!” When we are informed that the jobs that allow us to feed our families and keep the power on in our homes are not “essential,” we bow our heads and think to ourselves: “Dang it.” When told to wear a mask over our mouths we do so without reservation. When told to wear two, many comply as well. When informed that we may “have to” wear these masks for another year, we shrug and smile wanly. Not that anyone could see it…or any other facial expression we may otherwise have exhibited.

It is shocking and depressing to me that the U.S. now can look to other countries for a lesson in how to stand up to tyranny and stand up for freedom. But that is the bizarro world in which we live. Australia is now in a pitched battle with Facebook over control of that nation’s news outlets. And they are standing firm…if not winning. Poland has proposed $13.5 million fines on Big Tech companies who engage in ideological censorship. Sweden stood nearly alone in not locking down its economy and enforcing mask mandates in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. In doing so, it reached herd immunity earlier than other nations, and didn’t destroy small businesses and ruin the quality of life for the majority of its citizens. And French—yes, FRENCH—politicians and academics have gone on record as being deeply worried about the Marxist, multicultural rot and cancel culture emanating from American colleges and universities. Moreover, numerous world leaders, including Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, have decried Twitter’s banning of former President Donald Trump from its platform.

When nations around the world, including Sweden, France and Mexico, appear more willing to defend the values for which America was once almost singularly associated than America is, it reflects poorly on us. It might be time for Americans to take a good, hard, honest look in the mirror.

We might be shocked at what we see.



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