Thursday, February 11, 2021

Tampa Mayor Threatens Mask-Less Buccaneers Fans


One might think that the mayor of a city whose major professional sports team just won a championship would be excited to share in the celebration. Think again. Tampa Mayor Jane Castor threatened citizens and others who celebrated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ victory in Super Bowl LV sans mask. The Democrat ruler warned that the mask-less revelers would be identified by the Tampa Police Department…who would then “handle” the situation. Ahh. As in, “Ve have vays of…how you say?...solving the problem once and for all, ya?” If the mask-less fans were also carrying “Trump” signs or sporting “MAGA” hats Castor might have had them shot on sight.

Castor, who callously and non-inclusively labeled fans without masks as “bad actors,” averred that “Everyone knows that simply wearing a mask dramatically reduces the spread of COVID-19.” Which is simply not true. If that were definitively the case, we wouldn’t all still be wearing masks nearly a year after we were first told to do so.

The mainstream media shared Castor’s professed concern and high dudgeon for those who had the temerity to leave their breathing apparatus unburdened while celebrating their hometown team’s improbable victory, even outdoors. Disgraced former CBS News anchor Dan Rather even questioned whether it was “responsible” to air commercials that showed mask-less individuals. This is remarkably ironic given the fact that these same mainstream media outlets joyously celebrated the burning and looting of America’s cities by BLM and Antifa members, many of whom were mask-less, for several consecutive months this past summer.

A question for leftist tyrants: is a mask-less NFL fan worth less than a mask-less BLM or Antifa member? Is failure to wear a mask a more heinous offense than destroying public monuments and statuary, and burning down private businesses?

If so, riddle me this: would you treat a mask-compliant Trump supporter pulling down a statue of Nancy Pelosi better than a mask-less BLM or Antifa member celebrating their team’s championship? Hmm?


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