Monday, March 2, 2015

Wisconsin Senate Passes Pro-Choice Bill For Workers

The Wisconsin state Senate passed legislation Wednesday, February 25th that would make Wisconsin the 25th right-to-work state. Predictably, union workers chanted “Shame! Shame!” as the Senators left the chamber after the vote.
                The bill would make it a crime to require private-sector workers who aren’t in a union to pay union dues. Well, duh. It is simple theft. Taking money from somebody against their will  (let alone in this case when those paying don’t receive any benefits  and aren’t  even a member of the organization that requires the dues) is simply theft. There are no two ways about it.
                Opponents of the bill outnumbered supporters at the Capitol by a 70-1 ratio. There’s a shock! Those supporting the right-to-work bill were…at work?! Too polite? Scott Walker won election- twice- by facing down the rapacious unions back in 2011-2012, so we know there is at least a simple majority of voters in Wisconsin that support this measure. 70-1 is a mob, a “thugocracy,” not an indicator of the public’s support. And these opponents of the legislation act accordingly. Two spectators yelled out “This is not about democracy. You work for the people of the state!” Say what? Well, they certainly don’t want this to be a democratic process, as that process passed this bill. And they would love it if the Senators and the Governor worked for “the state,” as in those who work in government.
                Senate majority leader Scott Fitzgerald said the measure would provide “true workplace freedom.” He also stated that the bill was about giving workers the freedom to decide whether to pay union dues and would be good for the economy. Who’s not pro-choice? In actuality it’s amazing what liberals want people to have freedom of choice on and what they don’t. There decision on whether choice is good or not on any particular issue is made based solely on what makes things easier for them and theirs. They aren’t concerned with access to choice for others such as conservatives, WASPS, babies, constitutionalists, traditionalists, Christians, et. al.
                Many in the crowd outside protesting held up signs saying “Stop the War on Workers.” Why is it that anyone, or group, that disagrees with any of the left’s beliefs is immediately branded as conducting “a War on…?” The “War on Women,” the “War on Workers,” etc., etc.
                Conservatives rarely if ever say the left is conducting a “War on Guns,” a “War on the Constitution,” a “War on Babies,” a “War on White People,” a “War on the Founders,” or such like.

                Are unions conducting a “War on Logic and Reason?”

                You decide.

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