Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Camp David No Shangri-La To Obama

                It was FDR that turned what is now known as  Camp David into a presidential retreat, one he himself dubbed “Shangri-La” in 1942. President Eisenhower renamed it Camp David after his grandson, David Eisenhower. Virtually every president since has used it as a get-away, a critical refuge from the public spotlight and a chance to spend time outdoors and recharge the executive batteries, as well as a venue for soft-touch presidential diplomacy.
                Many presidents truly enjoyed the more rustic, no-frills living… FDR, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush among them. Dozens of world leaders have spent time there over the years, meeting with the American president and his delegation to discuss matters great and small and perhaps forge a tighter bond.
                George W. Bush often spent weekends and major holidays at Camp David. He frequently invited lawmakers to the compound as part of his outreach to Congress.
                So, when Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani visited Camp David Monday, March 23rd, to engage in weighty geopolitical negotiations on difficult issues, where was President Obama?
                Not there.
                Michelle Obama once stated that the president was “an urban guy” not taken with the place. Apparently, this president doesn’t like being in the woods, on the water, or surrounded by the wilds, even as he panders to radical environmentalists.
                Or perhaps he doesn’t like the Jewish overtones of the name “David.”
                In any case, this ex community organizer and current race-baiter would rather be on a golf course, that symbol of white affluence and exclusivity, and man’s control over untidy nature.
                Just as his long-time pastor/mentor Jeremiah Wright, who famously implored his flock to join him in shouting “God Damn America” because of the nation’s supposed injustice and inequality,  prefers his “house” to be in Tinley Park, a wealthy, mostly white, gated community outside of Chicago rather than in the mean streets of the inner city.

                With liberals, this stunning hypocrisy is... par for the course.


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