Saturday, February 28, 2015

Introducing the Insurgent Mood Ring™!

                Outfit your favorite jihadist with the new Insurgent Mood Ring™  from the “Caliphate Collection” by Middle Ages Jewelry, LLC. This ring can be worn on any finger and even comes with an attachment that allows it to be affixed to the nose!
                Now you, your friends and loved ones can tell how any jihadist sporting this ring is feeling.

                White means: “I’m angry/kill the infidels.”
    Black means: “I’m angry/kill the infidels.”
    Green means: “I am feeling spiritual/it’s time for prayers.”
    Gray means:  “I’m angry/kill the infidels.”
    Purple means: “that is a really good looking goat.”
    Blue means: “I need a hug.”
    Red means: “I’m really, really angry/kill more infidels!”

                 A properly accessorized jihadist is a happy jihadist! And, with his or her new Insurgent Mood Ring™, you’ll be able to tell at a glance!

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