Friday, March 6, 2015

Heil, Putin!

                 In recent days the actions, intentions and long-term goals of the Russian Bear have become crystal clear.  She intends to be who she was, intends to become the U.S.S.R. 2.0.
                The tragedy is that this time there is no one- and no nation- willing to challenge her. The Biblical prophecies are rapidly coming true before our very eyes. Europe is weak and self-serving, unwilling to do the hard work either domestically or abroad. The United States has become a paper tiger, unwilling to challenge- or even hold accountable- any of our former or potential enemies. According to some reports, however, it may have challenged Israel… for challenging Iran’s nuclear program! Israel, the tiny speck adrift in the giant Middle East Sea of Hate, may have to stand alone against evil. Or let itself be “wiped off the face of the Earth.”
                Less than two weeks ago, Ukrainian soldiers were routed by Pro-Russian rebels (and, almost certainly, some Russian troops) in the town of Debaltseve, suffering more than 13 dead and hundreds missing, captured or wounded. Afterwards, the rebels (and Russians?) grabbed a bloodied blue and yellow Ukrainian flag and ground it into the frozen earth with their boots, laughing and hugging and posing for pictures. This is also how Russia historically treats cease-fires, such as the one that was in place this time when the rebels attacked Debaltseve.
                And this is what Russia already did to Georgia and plans to do to the rest of Ukraine. And Estonia. And Latvia…Lithuania…and whatever other nearby country N.A.T.O. will let them have. Sound familiar?

                It should.

   Heil, Putin!


(The war in eastern Ukraine has killed more than 5,600 people and forced over a million to flee their homes since fighting began in April, one month after Russia “annexed” the Crimean Peninsula).


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