Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Netanyahu Wins! Putin Missing! Major Sun Flare! Nude Girls! Important New Posts From The World's Best Blog Writer!

                Some bloggers will do almost anything to drive traffic to their site. I, however, refuse to use the desperate and disingenuous tactics that others may employ, relying solely on my peerless content and writing ability to attract readers to this site. This is why I am confident that you will love this post, a lengthy dissertation on the subtle nuances of certain actuarial tables.

                Let’s get started, shall we…? You there?

                Okay, okay. Those of you sucked in by the Netanyahu election results, please read my various posts pertaining to Israel. Putin news gatherers please read my recent posts on Russia…and the Russian President. Those of you attracted by the Sun Flare headline, please feel free to browse around. Finally, to those of you who were scavenging for pictures of nude girls, I can’t help you. However, you might want to check out a few of my posts on relations between the sexes or genders. You may not be aware that we now recognize about as many genders as Heinz has varieties!
                I don’t know that you’d want to see pictures of all of them.

                Well, see you all next post. Godspeed.


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