Sunday, February 22, 2015

The University of Texas: We've Lost Our Minds!

                The University of Texas received roughly 200 human brains taken from “mental patients” during autopsies performed as far back as the 1950’s. They received these brains 28 years ago from a psychiatric care facility. They were subsequently stored, safe and sound it was thought, in the basement of the Animal Resources Center. Until this past December, when officials  determined that approximately half the brains in the collection were missing. This discovery was a potential headache for the university, and caused much consternation and hand-wringing.
                Fortunately, the mystery of the missing brains has been solved. It turns out that most of the missing brains had been disposed of by the university’s environmental health and safety officials back in 2002. Faculty members determined that “the specimens had been in poor condition when the university received them, and  were not suitable for research or teaching.”
                They were disposed of in 2002, and the school didn’t discover this until the end of 2014? Is this an inventory or loss-prevention issue, or an example of poor sleuthing? This is certainly not an exemplar of high-end communication skills. “The University of Texas: we’ve only lost half our brains!”
                Oh well, who are we to judge? Looking at politics and current events, in the U.S. and around the world, it seems like a lot of minds have been lost in recent years.
(Some information used in this post was taken from a February, 2015 Newsmax magazine article)

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