Thursday, February 26, 2015

Planetary Climate Manipulation- What Could Go Wrong?

                “Scientists are calling for tests to find ways to cool the planet- a step toward exploration of the controversial field of geo-engineering, which aims to change the climate by blocking the sun’s rays.”
                This was the opening sentence of an article in a recent edition of the San Jose Mercury News. The article went on to state that “experts” said that dramatic measures may need to be taken if society can’t agree on how to stop the carbon emissions that they claim are rapidly heating up the Earth. Any given family is rarely able to agree on what pizza to order or movie to see. I won’t even get into Coke or Pepsi, Chevy or Ford. And we are supposed to believe that society- or all the societies of the world- should be able to agree on how to stop carbon emissions that many don’t believe are a problem in the first place?
                Scientists and “experts” are now nudging us towards the deliberate, large-scale manipulation of the planet as the best solution to man-caused global warming! Ironic that this existential threat of climate change that man in his greedy, bumbling ways foisted upon the Earth is now to be counter-acted by man manipulating the planet to bring about climate change!
                What’s the risk vs. reward analysis here, guys? What could possibly go wrong??!!
                Hell, we can’t even make it rain, though we’ve been trying for hundreds of years!
              One geoengineering option would involve “wafting sea-salt particles towards low clouds off California’s Central Coast” to try to fend off sunlight. Another option would be experimenting with the cooling effect of “haze-inducing emissions from Pacific cargo ships.”
             Call me a skeptic, but…really? And do we really need less sun and more haze?
                Fracking is considered by many to be so dangerous to the planet’s health that they want to ban it, despite no evidence in their favor. But, “turn the sun off boys, shut those rays down and let’s try to cool this big, round sucker down a bit!” doesn’t worry anyone?
                But wait! We’ve been told for years now- ad nauseum- that it isn’t the sun that affects the Earth’s temperature, but our carbon emissions alone that are causing the planet to rapidly overheat. (It was seven degrees in Memphis a couple mornings ago. Many places in the east and  south experienced all-time record low temperatures). The few scientists that have flatly stated their belief that the sun and its cycles are responsible for the Earth’s long-term temperature variations have been mocked and shunned. We’ve been told they are funded by the extraction industries. Anyone questioning the global warming orthodoxy is told to shut up. Some have been sued.
                Yet now “experts” believe that the only chance we’ve got is to block the sun’s rays? I’m confused. And what about photosynthesis? Is attempting to cover the  planet in what amounts to an SPF-50 prophylactic good for crop production?

                Stock up on vitamin D.

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