Sunday, February 1, 2015

Global Warming 9/11

                I was reviewing some old newspaper articles in my files the other night and came across one I had to comment on….all these years later.
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                 In a syndicated column titled, “Ignoring the real threats to national security,” published on February 23rd, 2001, Molly Ivins wrote the following: “Darn it. Last week was National Security Week- Karl Rove said so- and I was so busy pointing out the numerous idiocies of George W. Bush’s tax cut that I missed the whole thing.
                “However, it is painfully clear the new administration folks wouldn’t know a threat to national security from the ‘Waltz of the Flowers.’”
                After bemoaning the administration’s plan to spend $50 billion on the “perfectly useless” National Missile Defense system, she went on to bash the Bush defense team for being Cold Warriors and “retreads.”
                Not content just to pretend she is ever-so-much more learned in matters of economics than the Bush team in its entirety, she smugly went on, nose haughtily thrust in the air, and sniffed: “Look, this is really very simple. The single greatest threat to the national security of the United States is the rapidly deteriorating global environment.
                “National Missile Defense does not do a thing to protect us from global warming.” (Maybe not, but the Iron Dome system has certainly worked very well for Israel, directly and immediately saving innocent lives).
                The bit figuratively- but firmly- in her  mouth now, she averred: “The New York Times reports that the snows of Kilimanjaro, which have floated for thousands of years like a cool beacon over Tanzania, are retreating so fast that they will be gone in 15 years. The same is true of icecaps from Peru to Tibet.”
                That would be next year as I write this. It is still snowing on Kilimanjaro. In fact, its snowcap has grown more often than not in recent years. The Tibetan icecap is stable.
                She soldiered on: “I know that many of you who are well-informed about global warming sometimes despair of breaking through the denial, partially paid for by the energy companies- not to mention the depressing sight of Texas oilmen running the country’s energy policy.” Who backs and funds, supports and reports the many studies purporting to show how quickly climate change is ruining the planet, Molly?
                “Despair is not only a grave sin, but, I think, unwarranted,” she continued. Guess I missed that one on the Seven Deadly Sins List. I do remember the injunction against envy, though. And among ‘the six things the Lord hates’ is “a man who stirs up dissension among his brothers.” Molly does not care for many of the rich, to put it mildly, even though she herself is very well off. President Obama and his minions in the press, including Molly, are all about sowing dissension among Americans based on race and income.
                ‘Texas oilmen’ have never run the country’s energy policy. For the past six years, however,  there has been a Chicago community organizer, who disdains Texas oilmen, running the country.
                Ivins continued her stupefyingly smug- and ignorant- diatribe by stating that: “If compassion is beyond you (emphasis mine), despite its newly Bushian status in politics, try this: There’s not a chance that victims of ‘failed states’ and climate change are going to stay where they are. The most massive migrations in history will follow if nothing is done. In your children’s lifetimes.”
                What we do know for certain is that victims of failed states and famines emigrated by the millions to the United States over the course of the last two hundred years. In our ancestors life times. Victims of failed states such as Somalia have certainly been pouring over our borders recently as well, albeit not because of global warming. Oh yeah, terrorists and those fleeing from terror are coming across our borders, too.
                She closed by mocking the Texas Legislature and how, she thinks, certain Texans speak: “Even in the Texas Legislature, they know it is from time to time necessary to rethink their ‘pryroarities.’”
                Just over six and a half months after this most ignorant and insipid article, we lost 3,000 people on 9/11.
                She would have had us prepared for an attack of global warming.
                Maybe she should get her ‘pryroarities’ straight.

Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it- Edmund Burke


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