Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The European Court of Inhuman Rights

                In an unprecedented ruling, the European Court of Human Rights stated in July that Poland had violated the rights of two terrorism suspects by handing them over to the CIA in 2002. The transfer took place at a secret facility, since closed, in northeastern Poland. The court alleged that the men suffered “torture and inhuman or degrading treatment” while there. The court found that Poland was therefore complicit in the alleged acts, and that the country enabled the U.S. authorities to subject the detainees to torture and ill-treatment on its territory.
                The court ordered Poland to pay the two terrorist inmates of the former “black site” prison a total of $262,000 in reparations.
                The Polish minister of foreign affairs, Grzegorz Schetyna, said Wednesday that Poland will abide by the court’s edict. “We have to do it, we are a law-abiding country,” stated the minister. (Poland requested an appeal this past October, but was denied).
                The two “inmates,” awarded the money by the European court, have been essentially rewarded for their terrorist ties and acts. Abu Zubaydah,  accused of acting as a senior lieutenant in Al-Qaida, will receive $148,000. Al-Nashiri, charged with planning the bombing of the USS Cole off Yemen in 2000 that killed or injured 56 American sailors, will get $114,000. Perhaps the court “penalized” him $607.14 for every American he maimed or killed in that attack, thusly awarding him $34,000 less than Zubaydah.
                 The money will be paid within a month, Schetyna said Wednesday, though some details still were to be resolved. There is a question of how the money will be spent and if Poland will have to pay it directly to the two terrorists, currently residing at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
                Is this going to be like the old Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes home visits? Is Schetyna and a representative of the European Court of Inhuman Rights going to show up at Gitmo with cameras rolling and present the two terrorists with oversized checks? Will they then squeal and hop up and down and kiss Schetyna and the rep on their cheeks?
                “So, Abu and Al, please tell the home viewers what you plan on doing with all of this money!”
                “Well Grzegorz,, Al and I discussed this after dinner- very good I might add- and our prayers last night. We decided we will use the money to kill many more infidels, inshallah!! Thank you European Court of Human Rights…giggle!!”
                And they used to say that crime doesn’t pay.

                Yet terrorism is quite lucrative nowadays it appears.

                This may be the beginning of the end.


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