Monday, February 16, 2015

Speak Oft And Parry A Big Stick?

                Asia expert Gordon Chang told Newsmax TV that China’s involvement in the cyber-attack on Sony was obvious. He suggested that the Obama administration was bending over backwards to avoid pointing the finger at China: “We’ve had these relations with China where we’re sort of afraid of them. We’re not willing to say in public that which is obvious.”
                In fairness, the Obama administration has bent over backwards to avoid offending many other groups and nations as well. They have bent over backwards to avoid offending Muslims (but  not Christians or Jews), the Castros, Iran (but not Israel), CAIR, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Hamas, etc., etc. They have bent over backwards for public-sector unions, crony-capitalists, the NEA, trial lawyers and various other left-leaning special-interest groups. (And they have certainly bent over backwards for gays).
                They are “sort of afraid of them” all, either for what they could do to the U.S., or because they don’t want to lose their votes.
                What a legacy. George Washington. Abraham Lincoln. Teddy Roosevelt. FDR. JFK. Ronald Reagan. Can you imagine these past presidents bending over backwards this way? Can you imagine them in any way admitting- or acting in a way that revealed- that they were afraid of another country or a special interest group? That we should be afraid?

                “We have nothing to fear… but fear itself!”
                “Speak softly and carry a big stick.”
    “Let all nations know…”
    “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

               How did we get here? Shameful and incredible.

                I am “sort of afraid” for my country.


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