Monday, June 9, 2014

Unilateralism...USA vs. BHO

     Obama and the left have for years now mocked the U.S. for supposedly taking unilateral action around the globe. For acting like we’re better than anyone else. Even accused the U.S. of bullying.

     Remember after 911? The left screamed that we didn’t assemble a ‘coalition’ (incorrect) before invading Iraq. Screamed that we had no reason to invade Iraq. Didn’t like ‘Gitmo’. “It’s no wonder people around the world don’t like us” (actually jealousy more often than dislike) they stated. Didn’t think we sought input from enough parties. Barely even recognized some nations. Let’s talk. Let’s consult. Let’s be open and transparent. Let’s not act like a know–it-all! We aren’t better than anybody else.

     Obama came into office and made a point of being indiscriminately nice to everyone around the     world. Dictators, kings, thugs. Bowed here, kow-towed there (except to our key allies like Britain and Israel of course). Didn't work.

     Yet when he wants to do something domestically now that he is in power, especially not having to face the voters again, he does what he wants. Period. To hell with the constitution! Screw consultation with those idiots! Input from these clowns? No way. “Guess I forgot to check in with congress again..tee-hee”.

    He is a true unilateralist. Not representing one country, but representing one person. Himself- and his beliefs. He has used his enormous and accruing power boldy and often- without regard for the constitution, the rule of law, tradition or… decency.

     The man who didn’t like America to act unilaterally abroad has ‘fundamentally changed America’.

     He has done it grievous and perhaps irreparable harm.


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