Tuesday, June 24, 2014

September 11th, 2014

September 11th, 2014- Washington, D.C.:

     The Obama administration  announced today that in order to commemorate the opening of the ‘911 Mosque’ almost 2 years ago, it was officially designating this week to be ‘National Mosque Awareness Week’ (NMAW) in America. An administration spokesman said that the President issued a proclamation earlier today that would pave the way for many more Mosques to be built in/on historic places around the country. “We will work with our brothers and sisters in C.A.I.R., among other groups, to execute this vision in the next few years”.

     “This administration realizes that this is a time that calls for great sensitivity to all, especially our persecuted ‘Islamic Insurgent Undocumented –Americans for Workplace Violence’ (IIU-AWV)”.

     “In a show of goodwill, we are hereby ‘pre-approving’ the following sites for Mosques: Boston Harbor,  Lexington-Concord, Yorktown, Gettysburg, Shiloh, Appamatox Courthouse, the Alamo, Wounded Knee, & Selma, Alabama.  And, of course, Pearl Harbor will have one of the biggest Mosques in the country”.

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