Sunday, June 1, 2014

Chimps and Humans...Almost the Same?

     Scientists typically claim humans and chimpanzees/apes share between 95% and 99% of DNA.

     Call me a skeptic, but Chimps/apes haven’t invented, worked in or advanced the fields of medicine, architecture, economics, art or philosophy. We don’t see any chimp musicians (not even in alternative rock!). There are no ape rocket scientists. No popular chimp comedians. They couldn’t even comprise one of the Three Stooges. I mean, really, how hard would it have been to be Curly?

     Never imagined or built a building, let alone the World Trade Center.

     No Shakespeare, no Goethe, no Disraeli, Churchill, Washington, etc.?

     Scientists-our best and brightest- better pull out all the stops to isolate that 1%-5% of our DNA that differs! What unique, amazing, over-achieving DNA that is! An uber-DNA! If we can harnass this DNA resource and use it in cloning, and designing the homo-sapien of the future we won’t ever have to worry about the ‘singularity’…there won’t be one.

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