Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Global Warming?

         Global warming cannot be proved to be either permanent or caused by man. Period.

         The last ‘ice age’, ended approximately 10,000-12,000 years ago. Much of the northern part of this country was covered by a mile-plus deep glacier. Up to thousands of feet of ice-top to bottom-brought about by massive global cooling now melted and retreated due to a massive global warming. This glacial retreat created the Great lakes. You may have heard of them. It created the beautiful lakes regions of northern Minnesota and Wisconsin, Michigan and New York. Wonderful resources. Without this global warming these areas would still be uninhabitable (some say they still are in the bitter winter months!).

        How could this warming/melting have occurred? There were no factories, no internal combustion engines. (There were no cows either, speaking of internal combustion leading to gas emissions). No man-made greenhouse gasses. There was no United States! Who the hell was to blame for this Global Warming that gave us so much??!

         In the last 800,00 years global temperatures have varied by approximately 12 degrees Celsius.

        Twelve Celsius! There have been repeated cooldowns and repeated warmings.

         The supercontinent Pangea broke apart and the seven continents were eventually created. To paraphrase President Obama, “we didn’t do it!”

         Ice ages and ‘tropical ages’ have come and gone, glaciers have formed and expired over the millennia. “We didn’t do it.”

         The big bang happened. “We didn’t do it.”

         The Earth was created. “We didn’t do it.”

         Life "occurred" and developed, and whether you believe in evolution or creationism, one thing is clear. Say it with me now, “We didn’t do it!!”

         “Post hoc, ergo propter hoc?” Have you scientists and educators forgotten this cautionary phrase?

         It means, “After this, therefore because of this” to use the Webster’s New World Law Dictionary definition. “An illogical notion that because one thing occurred after another, it must have been caused by the first thing.”

         I have eaten the same thing (spaghetti) in the same restaurant three times in recent years and arrived back home to find massive storm damage to my property. Uncanny. Hard to believe. I’m not a big believer in coincidences. I never ate at any other restaurant-spaghetti or not-in that time period and came home to storm damage. Did I cause these storms and the resultant damage by patronizing this restaurant?

         Does global warming cause global cooling? Does global cooling cause global warming?  It would appear so if one looks at the historical record.

         Those on the left-always believing us to be bigger than God, yet lesser than animals, may be having an affect of their own.

         Global dumbing I can believe in.





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