Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Obama Hits Climate Change Deniers

                                                           Obama hits climate change deniers


     That was the ‘headline’ of the ‘news in brief’ article I came across in a local paper the other day. Obviously I had to read it. Sadly, the headline wasn’t literally true (so much promise there!), just poorly written. However, the short article was still worth reading if only for its reporting of  the attempted bon mot from President Obama addressing graduates of the University of California, Irvine.

     The president said, “denying climate change is like arguing the moon is made of cheese”.

     As analogies go… this one was especially pathetic. Meaningless, nonsensical & childish. In attempting to paint all whom he labels ‘deniers’ as complete idiots and morons ( stereotyping, generalizing, profiling, judgemental hate-speech) he simply made himself look intolerant, close-minded and foolish.

     According to the article the president then went on to say congress “is full of folks who stubbornly and automatically reject the scientific evidence” and say climate change is a hoax and that others duck the issue.

     Talking about ‘climate change’ is an absurdity. The climate changed dramatically where I live from yesterday to today. Sunny and warm yesterday, cloudy and cool today. My God, it’s Global Cooling! We’re all doomed!  It changed from this morning until this afternoon. It’s changed  alot from last winter until now. If it keeps warming at that rate we’ll all fry by fall. Check back with me in October.

     I’m so sick of talking about climate change. Culture change? Political change? Body change? Health change? Diaper change?  Hope and change? What the hell doesn’t change?

     If time exists…and the physical forces we believe in do as well… If electrons, neutrons and protrons do their thing and if the term cyclical has any meaning … everything changes (over time)!

     Except liberals minds!!

     Who ‘stubbornly and automatically rejects the (overwhelming) evidence’ that free market societies have done better than planned ones throughout history? Who ‘stubbornly and automatically rejects’ the fact that red states like North Dakota and Texas almost always fare better than blue states like California and New York? Who ‘stubbornly and automatically rejects’ the fact that Republican governors typically reduce or eliminate budget deficits and increase employment in their respective states after being elected to clean up after Democratic ones?

     And ‘ducking the issue’? Really? You want to go there?

     Benghazi? IRS/Lois Lerner? Fast and Furious? The VA scandal? Etc., etc., etc.?


     I won’t hit (man-made) climate change believers. Unfortunately, neither will I (seriously) hope to change their minds.




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