Thursday, January 26, 2023

University Of Virginia Law Class Rewrites State Constitution Because, Well, You Know


Students enrolled in a “Comparative Gender Equality” class at the University of Virginia School of Law have proposed major changes to Virginia’s state constitution,  the school recently reported. Those changes included abortion on demand and redefining marriage as “a union between any two persons.” Any two persons? A sister and brother? A 60-year-old and a 10-year-old?

Can’t afford an abortion? Not to worry, students also added a provision to ensure taxpayer funding of abortions for women “who can’t afford one.”

UVA’s law school was founded in 1819 and is consistently ranked among the top law schools in the nation. In a news release titled “Class Examines Virginia Constitution Through Feminist Lens,” it pointed out that the last time the state constitution was revised was in 1968.

The news release stated that the “Virginia constitution does not address some of the most pressing issues for many women today, such as access to reproductive health care, abortion or universal pre-K education.” Really? Well, it does not address some of the most pressing issues for many men today, either, such as access to our sexual and wellness care (pornography), the difficulty of constructing a truly impressive “man cave,” and the rising costs of beer and liquor.

Here is one possible Bill of Rights if/as proposed by women:

1)      The right to talk incessantly about inane objects and people.

2)      The right to question everything your husband does.

3)      The right to shop at Target and Kohl’s without any budgetary constraints whatsoever.

4)      The right to own an unlimited number of shoes.

5)      The right to bare arms (i.e. sleeveless dresses and blouses, etc.).

6)      The right to be right about everything, whether or not you’re right.

7)      The right to have the toilet seat left down at all times.

8)      The right to wear practically nothing and expect men not to stare at you.

9)      The right to bitch about relatively minor or frivolous things shall not be infringed!

10)   The right to be considered as strong as men in every way, yet still expect them to physically protect you.

But, seriously, why not rewrite our Constitution for every group that currently claims victim or minority status? Indeed, why have one unifying Constitution when everyone could have their own? Forget majority rule. We know that people are now incapable of thinking of the greater good, though, oddly, they are, as leftists believe, ultimately perfectible. (Which is why they think there is no need for religion.)

Think of the possibilities! We could have the gay Constitution, the lesbian Constitution, the bisexual Constitution, the transgender Constitution, the Pansexual Constitution, the Muslim Constitution, the Buddhist Constitution, the Asian-American Constitution, the middle-class Constitution, the Constitution for Virgos, the…you get the picture.

In fact, screw it, each and every individual should have a right to their own Constitution!



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