Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Tulane University Officials Don't Like Student's Opinion, Tell Her To Leave Campus


Tulane University officials recently condemned a student’s pro-Kanye West opinion piece – and told her the next day she probably was not safe to stay on campus.

“Since I publicly defended Ye two days ago, I have received an onslaught of death threats and calls for expulsion from other students,” Sarah Ma tweeted Friday, January 13. “Now, Tulane is telling me I am unsafe and that I should leave campus.” Ah, the beauty of tolerance and inclusion!

Ma wrote an opinion piece for a new website called the College Dissident. Her piece appeared on Wednesday, January 11th, the same day the site-- which is not connected to Tulane University-- was launched.


Ma’s essay, titled “Ye did nothing wrong,” defended the controversial rapper-- who now goes by the much shorter moniker “Ye”-- for comments he made about Jewish people controlling the media and for wearing a shirt that said “white lives matter” when appearing with black conservative commentator Candace Owens.


For the crime of publicly stating her opinion, Ma was promptly booted from her sorority and her post vilified in an email sent out from Erica Woodley, Tulane’s Dean of Students. 


So, trashing capitalism and lauding Marxism is fine on nearly any campus in the nation. Indoctrination in this regard is perfectly acceptable. Communists can speak on campus. Pro-abortion groups are de rigueur. Drag queens are always welcome. Biological men are free to access women’s bathrooms and locker rooms. But, dare to defend someone who defended Trump and/or said “white lives matter” and you are hoisted on your petard, persona non grata, relegated to the ash-heap of history. You are toast. In fact, your school won’t even be able to guarantee your physical safety!

The entire point of college in the saner days of yore was to acquaint students with differing points of view and foster debate. That is classical liberal education. Today, despite the guise of “tolerance,”  “diversity,” and “inclusion,” students thoughts and opinions can never diverge from the prevailing dogma without severe consequences.

Like being told to leave the campus.

“Higher education?” Hardly.

Like “tolerance,” “diversity,” and “inclusion,” the term has been rendered a sick joke by so-called “progressives.”

“Lower standards” and a complete lack of critical thinking skills (and morality) are the new hallmarks of our colleges and universities.




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