Sunday, January 29, 2023

Elon And The Don: Disrupters Of The Status Quo Must Be Destroyed


It is—or should be—illustrative to note how similarly Donald Trump, successful businessman and former president, and Elon Musk, successful entrepreneur and inventor, are treated by The Establishment. Establishment politicians, The Deep State/Swamp, the mainstream media, Big Education, Big Tech, Hollywood, and most of those residing in corporate boardrooms spare no effort in continuously smearing and mocking them both. Any deviation from their views in this regard is deemed heresy and is thus virtually intolerable.

You see, Elon and The Don, disrupters of the elite status quo, must be crushed once and for all. And at all costs. No matter what. To paraphrase JFK, the Establishment will support any foe and oppose any friend of Musk or Trump, and lives to make the two pay any price, bear any burden, and suffer any hardship to assure their own survival and success.


Because neither Musk nor Trump have adequately genuflected to them. Neither has paid them the respect they think they are so richly due. Elon and The Don refuse to play their game, decline to ante up, and-- gasp—don’t even appear to covet a seat at their table! They have become successful by providing goods and services that others want and by championing things like free speech and the Bill of Rights, anathema to the elites who rule over us. Neither Musk nor Trump is smart enough to be cowed by The Establishment’s incessant attacks. Worse yet, both fight back. And even worse than that, both often appear amused, if not energized, by the fray. (The Establishment is not used to that, as most Republicans-- and regular citizens-- meekly acquiesce to its demands and desires.) This makes both Musk and Trump (and a few others like Ron DeSantis and Ted Cruz) existential enemies of The State. Who must be destroyed, so help them Dr. Fauci. Especially since Musk and Trump represent countless others who resent being told what to think and how to live.

This is why they orchestrated “Jan. 6,” called it an “insurrection”-- and then proceeded to cover that up by putting on the never-ending show trial conducted by The United States House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol.”

Neither Musk nor Trump are true conservatives. And each have faults…because they are human. But both appear to revere freedom and respect their fellow citizens.

 Which is far more than can be said about their detractors in The Establishment.

Do you believe in freedom of speech? Assembly? Thought? The right to defend yourself and your family? Taxation with representation? A higher power than “government?” Equal justice under the law?

If so, it is time to speak out and risk suffering the slings and arrows that The Establishment has directed at Musk and Trump.

Inarguably, “speaking truth to power” in today’s world means pushing back against the progressive elites who comprise The Establishment and reside in The Swamp.




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