Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Brooklyn Librarians Fight To Keep Pornographic Books In Schools, Receive Award


Librarian Jackson Gomes and his intrepid colleagues at the Brooklyn Public Library have taken up (figurative) arms to fight what Gomes claims is a War on Books. Theirs is a movement, he avers. One he hopes will continue to grow.


Gomes was stirred to action by the recent accounts of parents’ and conservative lawmakers’ attempts to get certain extremely graphic—and shall we say “sexually diverse”-- books removed from school libraries.


"When I work with kids, it worries me that they don’t have access to freedom to read books," Gomes said. So, he and several other librarians leapt to action and started their own book club called "Books Unbanned” to make certain that our youngsters continue to have access to books filled with gay porn and transgender propaganda. (This so impressed the folks at Library Journal that it has already named them librarians of the year.)

"Books Unbanned" offers young readers the precious chance to read books that have been banned in libraries and classrooms in parts of the US. (Translation: “red states.”) The plucky librarians issue kids an electronic library card that gives online access to the banned titles…screw parents and their elected representatives! More than 6,000 teenagers have requested the cards since the program launched last spring.

Sarcasm aside, Gomes’ assertion that kids “don’t have access to freedom to read books” is patently absurd. They have both the freedom and the access to read books appropriate for their age level. Fiction, nonfiction, books about sports, biographies, history, reference books. They can even read, gasp, the classics if they so desire and possess the reading competency to do so.

Schools are not obligated to give kids access to gay porn or other shockingly explicit books. To argue otherwise is to say kids should have the freedom to access R or XXX-rated movies. Why not just leave Hustler and Penthouse magazines around the school? And why stop there? If librarians and “educators” like Gomes don’t believe in the concept of age appropriateness, why not remove age restrictions on cigarettes and alcohol? And you know they’d be virulently against that.

Why is it these people want kids to have access to porn and genital mutilation/chemical castration “gender-affirming care?” After all, these are often the same people who are all-in for banning “hate speech” and preventing conservatives from speaking. They welcome and foster cancel culture. You can be sure they aren’t featuring conservative books in their libraries. But the request to remove a handful of wildly inappropriate books is worth going to “war” over?

Why the hell are they so gung-ho to sexualize our children?



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