Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Great (Entitlement) Society

     We’re doomed. The Great Entitlement Society we now live in will be the end of America. Studies show the Millennials (Generation ‘Y’) are extremely-and even specifically materialistic. (Despite the constant diatribes of their teachers against materialism/capitalism). They want money and vacation homes and cars and boats…and soon. They just aren’t particularly willing to work to get them. Don’t even expect work to be a ‘central part of their life’. They are, however, especially tolerant. Just not of hard work, apparently.

     Well, they were told they were special and given too many choices at an extremely early age. They therefore look inward, not outward. They know what they want. Know what they’d like to be true. Just don’t know history. Philosophy. Religion. Reality.

     The founders created this country to be of limited government. They put restraints on the government. Here is what the government can’t do to you…as most governments routinely had throughout history. Can’t kill you or your family for no reason. Can’t imprison you without a trial. Can’t come into your home and take what they want…including your home. Etc., etc.

     They believed in these certain “inalienable” rights-granted by the Creator- to every individual.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

     There were no ‘positive’ rights from the government (i.e. humans).The right to never catch a cold. The right to never suffer heartache. The right to live to be 102. The right to make a million dollars a year. The right to have your own reality show.

     The Great Entitlement Society has now reached its zenith (I would say nadir). The expectation for others to pay for their contraception??!!! As mandated by the government of the United States of America??!!! Apparently we’re long past the arguments over whether sex outside of wedlock is ok…or before marriage specifically. Or whether contraception in and of itself is moral even for married couples (see the Catholic Church).

     Shock alert! I am not a prude. I believe each of these is a legitimate topic for discussion.

     But the  leap from everyone is born with inalienable right to life to everyone has the right to prevent life from being born is a bit steep.

     That there is a right for anybody to have other people pay for them to prevent life because they want to screw without consequences is an abortion... of logic and character.

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