Monday, July 14, 2014

Beyond Belief?

     Many on the left don’t believe in God. Quite a few actually ‘booed’ His name at the 2012 DNC. That is their prerogative and their right in this country.

     However, many of these smart, sophisticated, coastal, big-city elites are overcome with snobbery when they encounter one of us backward ‘hicks’ from ‘fly-over country’ who actually profess to believe in God.

     Their incredulousness bubbles out of them when they  ask questions like, “you really believe in ‘a Guy in the sky’ who somehow made us and is responsible for…everything? Giggle.”

     Got me there! Sheesh, I’m embarrassed. No, now I believe there was a sort of Primordial Soup that came out of nowhere for some reason, then a bolt of lightning and then…poof, before you know it…life.

Perception, intellect, self-awareness, questioning, love, anguish, beauty. Music, poetry, ecstasy…and…humor? Simple evolution don’t ya’ know. Nothing more to it!

     (While on this earth we will never know exactly how- and why- we got here. That is an impossible task for any and all beings, as we didn’t make ourselves and could not ask to be born).

     They don’t believe in something that can’t be seen. They say there is no scientific evidence. Unlike, say, man-made, permanent global warming. Which, if it exists, and we are just part of evolution…must be simply part of evolution as well, correct?

     Great skeptics these liberals.

    In reality they believe only in what they wish to be true. And that is what they teach…and preach.

     Guess that’s why I just don’t believe in atheists and have no faith in the modern American left.

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