Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A War on Whom?

     The left loves…indeed lives…to ‘push the  envelope’ as to what’s acceptable in our culture. In movies, on television, etc., the more outlandish the sex and violence the better.

     Next up for ‘marriage equality’: wanna marry a goat? No problem! Only an intolerant close-minded ass would oppose that. (Could marry a mule, an actual intolerant, close-minded ass).

     Christ in a jar of urine as art? Good stuff! Brave! More federal funding! Yet when a movie depicts the actual crucifixion of Christ (The Passion of the Christ) they go ballistic and condemn it as too violent. Yes, well, perhaps it was…rather the point, actually.

     The left loves ‘fantasy’ violence. Think about that. Violence as mindless, unneccessary entertainment is grand. But they detest the depiction of historically factual, necessary violence to counteract and repel evil. They’d love to ban the Military Channel…and the military. Yes, the only effectual response to brutal totalitarian violence, the response that has liberated millions of people, saved millions of others from death or incarceration and torture…this they can’t countenance. War stopped slavery in this country, Nazism, Communism, Jew-baking, etc., etc. Still not warranted according to the far left. Violence makes us no better than them, you see. Don’t slap that mosquito for that matter, just let it go outside…(strains of the soundtrack from the movie ‘Born Free’ play).

     Yet they hold the most extreme violence against innocent babies as sacrosanct. Abortion- excuse me, ‘a woman’s right to choose’- is a non-negotiable plank of the tolerant, open-minded, non-violent Democratic Party’s platform. (We don’t want you to pick up a  weapon to defend yourself and your family if a thief breaks into your home, but killing your kid is fine).

      These unbornophobes! Hypocritical, close-minded  unbornocists are (literally) conducting a war on babies.

     We can’t tickle an Al-Qaida prisoner with a feather, but sucking out the brains of an unborn child with a Hoover? Can’t oppose that or we’ll call you an intolerant bigot conducting a ‘War on Women’!
     Beam me up, Scotty.


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