Wednesday, July 3, 2024

A Tale Of Two Cities-- Or Two Nations?


Donald Trump won, at absolute minimum, 84% of the counties in America in the 2020 presidential election. And, allegedly, lost that election. The map of America, comprised of red and blue to illustrate this, therefore appears almost entirely red.

This is why Democrats disdain republicanism and federalism, and drone on nauseatingly about “democracy.” “Our democracy.” The founders didn’t want a pure democracy because they always devolve into mob rule and chaos as they die. And this is why we have a representative republic with three branches of government, each acting as a check and balance on the other two.  And it is why the Senate is composed of two members from each state regardless of population. And it is why we have an Electoral College. Etc.

Democrats are horrified when they look at the nearly red map of the country, and are similarly distressed when presented with the number of counties won by Republicans. This leads them to immediately claim that our democracy is in existential trouble and must be defended. They then propose several options for “preserving our democracy,” including eliminating the Electoral College, packing the Supreme Court, adding Puerto Rico and the federal area (Washington, D.C.) as states, and going to a popular vote only basis for determining the winners of presidential elections. All while attempting to imprison their political opponents. (See also: Donald Trump, Roger Stone, Jan 6ers, etc., etc.)

Good ideas or bad? Perhaps even “unfair?”

Picture the country as if it had two giant cities of 90 million people, one on each coast, or both on the same coast. Doesn’t matter. Say each of those great cities vote about 80-90% for the Democrat Party candidate…as they are wont to do. In that case, the votes of virtually everyone in the rest of the country wouldn’t matter. At all. Even if nearly all of them voted for the Republican candidate. The map of the fruited plain would appear as two tiny blue dots on a sea of red. (This isn’t much different from what we have now. New York, Philadelphia, Washington, etc., are so close together they nearly bleed into each other. On the other coast, we have the southern California metropolises and the San Francisco-Oakland-Sacramento megalopolis, among others.)

That is the kind of “fairness” and democracy Democrats seek to impose on the nation. Which, to use terms they favor, marginalizes and disenfranchises the rest of us. (In one sense, this “disproportionately affects” conservatives/MAGA types.)

It is Democrats who fundamentally transformed the country and who still appear to disdain it. In my figurative example, the right thing to do would be to let these two cities become their own entities or entity…and the rest of the country could go its separate way, as well…thus giving both more representative governments.

The Democrat-run big cities could be sanctuaries for illegal aliens (and also just plain aliens like James Carville and Adam Schiff), unfettered abortion proponents, drug abusers, the homeless, the Transgender Community, etc. They could refuse to fund police departments so that they could put that money into providing universal basic incomes-- and towards paying drag queens for hosting children’s “story hours.” They could make paganism their official non-religion and Bud Light their official beer. They could ban all news networks other than MSNBC and mandate that all residents watch The View. (If any hyper progressive folks are reading this, they are likely thinking: “That’s what I’m talking about! That’s my kind of democracy!”)

The rest of the country? Well, those folks would still be able to elect national, state, and local leaders as they saw fit, according to the dictates of a legitimate representative republic.

Only Democrats can holler “foul!” after “winning” a presidential election (despite losing 84+% of the counties)! And then propose various changes that will assure they can never be challenged again! To “save our democracy” don’t ya’ know! Incredible.

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