Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tom Brady, the New England Patriots, and Deflategate

Patriot Games.

The newest crazed attack on the New England Patriots is really just another attack on the “One Percent,” those that are successful enough to bring out the worst in those who aren’t. The “One Percenters” are really a bit higher percentage of the population than that, but those that are so consumed with envy like the term, so I’m not going to try to take it from them.
The Colts, who were one of my favorite teams in the league until recently, are really in cahoots with another team or two and The League Itself to find a way to level the playing field, or, at the least, make the vast majority of NFL fans and teams feel better about themselves. It is always a great feeling to feel morally superior to others, especially others who happen to be successful! That’s a win-win for the allegedly aggrieved! It not only makes them feel superior to others on the face of it, but also explains why they haven’t attained the same level of success. Of course, they themselves would be in the same position as their tormentors if they lowered themselves to cheating! The Colts essentially said, it’s our ball (it’s properly inflated…isn’t it!?), and if we can’t win, we’re going home. So there!
Nearly every team in every professional sports league has done everything it could to find an advantage somewhere, whether it is clearly cheating or just a gray area. Grounds crews in most outdoor baseball parks cut the grass short if they had a speed team and let the grass grow long if they had a power team. Teams such as the Atlanta Falcons pumped artificial crowd noise into their stadiums at opportune times. The Twins are solidly accused of turning the air-conditioning up when their opponents were batting in the old Metrodome…and turning it off when the hometown squad was at the plate. Teams routinely give their opponents the colder, windier sideline, and the smaller locker rooms. Even in college, the Iowa Hawkeyes painted their opponent’s locker room pink…in order to make them feel less aggressive.
How many thugs, punks, wife and/or child abusers, thieves, attempted rapists, and the like, will be playing in their team’s first four games next season while Tom Brady isn’t allowed in the stadium?

Does this not seem bizarre to people?

Jameis Winston will be playing…assuming he doesn’t get another urge for free top-end seafood… or worse.
The evidence against Brady is circumstantial at best. Even if “guilty,” we’re talking about slightly deflating a football…maybe 1 or 2 psi! This leads off the national newscasts of all three network television stations?! Another earthquake in Nepal? North Korea launching missiles towards South Korea? Those stories will have to wait! And they accuse Fox News of having an agenda??!!
Many pitchers in baseball have “doctored” the ball over the years. Gaylord Perry used to put petroleum jelly on balls. Indian’s president Gabe Paul defended him by stating, “Gaylord  is a very honorable man. He only calls for the spitter when he needs it.” Phil Niekro, while with the Minnesota Twins, famously used an emory board and sand-paper to cut into the ball so that its flight was unpredictable. The ball would dip and flutter and do odd things in the manner of a really great knuckleball, yet was much easier to throw. This was actually dangerous to the batter, as well. (Unlike softer, less inflated footballs). He was suspended for 10 games, went on the Tonight Show wearing a tool-belt, and laughs were had all around!
Yet, I’ve heard local- and national- talking heads gloat over Brady’s suspension, literally saying things like, “Okay, Mr. Successful pretty-boy with the smug smile and the gorgeous wife, how do you like maybe having to play by the rules?” Several embarrassed themselves in a big way, on-air, their comments dripping with sheer envy and hatred.

For his misbehavior, Niekro was suspended for 6.2% of his team’s season. Brady is being suspended for 25% of New England’s 2015 season.

As always, this is about the NFL saving face and making money. They don’t want questions about the league’s clear and consistent rules and regulations for the handling and checking of footballs prior to game-time.
Because there aren’t any.
They do want parity- and to appeal to “the 99%.”

No matter how unfair it is.

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