Thursday, May 14, 2015

North Korea Executes Narcoleptic Military Leader

                 Kim Jong-un, the ‘Supreme Leader’ of ‘the People’s Republic of North Korea,’ recently ordered the execution of the country’s Defense Minister for falling asleep in a meeting of government officials. The execution of Hyon Yong-chol was carried out on April 30th at the Kanggon Military Training Area north of Pyongyang, as reported by Reuters, the Associated Press and South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency. The information that generated these reports was furnished by the NIS, South Korea’s intelligence service.
                Apparently, in addition to inappropriate napping, the  head of North Korean military forces also may have questioned Kim Jong-un at some point, or even ‘talked back’ to him. No wonder Jong-un had him executed at a range of 100 feet by ZPU-4 anti-aircraft guns with a range of 8,000 yards! He had that coming to him… probably got off lightly.
                The pudgy little dictator has had at least 15 people executed for similar ‘crimes’ already this year. He had his uncle executed in 2013 for ‘treason,’ i.e. not completely agreeing with him on every issue. Now, it appears, he shut up his grieving aunt shortly thereafter in similar fashion, albeit by poisoning.
    Dad and grandpa would be proud!
                Executions and mass-murders…cherished Kim Jong family traditions.

                Family reunions must be a blast!

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