Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Preamble To The Constitution If Written Today...

                 If the preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America were written today, by the fine young graduates of our public school system, it would read much differently:
                “Like, we the dudes (and dudettes!) of the United States, in order to make a better, like, um, country, or whatever, and make things fair, and peaceful… and shit, provide for our, like, safety, and promote welfare!, and freedom for everybody forever, do, like, you know…make this Constitution for the U.S. of A, man! F---in’ right, hee, hee!”
                In a similar vein, the “Declaration Of Independence” would instead have to be the “Declaration Of Interdependence With All The People’s Of The World, In Non-Judgmental Harmony, With The Intent To Share All Resources Equally and Peacefully, While Leaving Mother Earth As We Found Her.”
                This is what the super-sized, federally-dominated, obscenely costly, bureaucratized and unionized, one-size-fits-all public education system has brought forth (recently) on this continent.

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