Monday, May 4, 2015

The Answer To Any Question?: It's The U.S.'s Fault!

                I get tired of people blaming the United States for the number of Somali, and other “Middle-Eastern-Americans,” that have gone back to the deserts to fight for ISIL, Al-Quada and the like. “We need to do a better job of reaching out to the Somali (or fill-in-the-blank)-American community” is the cry of the day among liberal elitists.
                Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton recently opined in an interview, “I think we need to do a better job, all of us, in providing a lot of good reasons for young Somali youth to see their better future here in Minnesota.”
And I thought that pursuit of a better future was why they made the decision to leave home and come here in the first place!
 Dayton has promised that his office would do more to reach out to Somali community leaders, promote Somali-American appointments to state leadership positions and explore ways to boost job opportunities for young Somalis. “We pledged whatever assistance we could,” he said. A Minnesota House panel voted to increase state funding tenfold to that end.
Incredibly, Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison claims that there are a number of Somali-American kids so disaffected with life in the U.S. that they think they would have a better life and a better chance at influencing U.S. foreign policy by fighting there than voting here. Ellison appears concerned about this because of all the efforts he and others have already  made to let kids know there are other options when they feel disenchanted.
We are constantly bombarded with assertions that the vast majority of Muslim Somali (fill-in-the-blank)-Americans are peaceful and polite and law-abiding and hard-working and detest the gross misinterpretations of the Koran by extremists, etc., etc. Yet, when one informant from the community helped lead law enforcement to six men who were indicted recently, many in the community openly complained about his “betrayal.”
There is constant talk of “adrift” and despondent young Middle-Eastern men in this country with no jobs and no prospects being easily seduced by “extremists” into a (short) life of terror. That is simply bunk. The six men alluded to earlier were friends, had attended high school in Minneapolis and were attending community colleges where they were pursuing majors in everything from computer support to pre-nursing. Some of them were working and attending college at the same time…even going to NBA games. At least one worked multiple jobs and had come up with enough money that he was able to send some back to relatives in Africa. Another’s income helped support his single mother and younger siblings. One had recently proposed to a young woman and is planning to get married after college.
America provides these, and other immigrants, with jobs, health insurance, schooling, food stamps, and opportunities for business… among other things. Such as freedom. Somalia, on the other hand, is a rathole of starvation, repression and death.
Oddly enough, there is another primary reason the Islamo-apologists tout as a factor aiding recruitment of these “vulnerable” immigrant youth. Besides it being a “grand adventure,” some say that those who have integrated into our (U.S.) society feel guilty when they observe the plight of impoverished Muslims in countries with oppressive regimes. The executive director of the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism at the University of Maryland (whew!) said, “Meanwhile, you’re sipping a cappuccino and wearing your Adidas. How can you stand to live in such luxury?”
I see. America is at fault by ignoring and discriminating against these noble, innocent, stalwart, peace and freedom loving Muslim immigrants that came here to escape their rathole of starvation, repression and death. They are shunned, “disaffected,” poverty-stricken, and have no chance to succeed here, and therefore are likely to be recruited by Middle-Eastern terror groups.
And also, America is at fault for luring these self-same immigrants into a life of decadent luxury, thereby turning them away from the most noble and equitable notions of their religion of peace!

Detect a pattern here?

And what of all the immigrant groups who’ve come here before?  The Irish faced discrimination, but I don’t recall many of them, feeling disenfranchised, going back home and taking up with the IRA. Millions of Germans came to America over many decades, but I don’t remember seeing any news stories about scores of German-Americans going back overseas to fight for Hitler and the Third Reich.
If it is simply poverty and disenfranchisement, unemployment and lack of prospects that create terrorists, why aren’t there throngs of home-grown terrorists from Appalachia?
The new wave of immigrants is different from those who came here in the past. Previously, all that was desired was a chance. Nothing was demanded. Immigrant’s fondest wish was to become fully American. That is why they came.

It is no longer acceptable to tell certain truths in this country…or in much of the West. Here is one such truth: there is a difference between the Muslim faith and Judeo-Christianity. The latter naturally tends to foster free, open, democratic societies. The former does not.


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