Friday, January 16, 2015

Special Driver's Licenses

                   Ten States Now Offer Special Driver’s Permits For Illegal Immigrants.
                The Los Angeles Times article lamented the fact that the female illegal alien protagonist has a car but no driver’s license. She hasn’t been eligible for one in California- until now!- as she never obtained legal immigration status since arriving from Mexico 26 years ago. Incredibly, the article goes on to state that, “if she were stopped by police, she could be fined hundreds of dollars for driving without proper documentation and have her car impounded.”
                Why wouldn’t she be deported, as that is the proper legal remedy to the law she’s  breaking?
                The article goes on to quote her as saying, “It stops us from doing so many things that most people do, like driving to the beach or going to Magic Mountain.”
                Yet, soon she will have a chance to drive wherever she wants, when California becomes one of 10 states to allow immigrants in the country illegally to apply for special licenses. The California DMV will be opening  four new offices and hiring an additional 900 employees in anticipation of the onslaught of illegals looking to become licensed drivers. An extra $141 million has been budgeted to that end, as well.
                Democrats in the Legislature pushed the law through, claiming it will improve traffic safety. If the 9/11 hijackers had obtained driver’s licenses, would it have improved traffic safety? After all, a couple of them were essentially working on obtaining pilot’s licenses, but that didn’t appear to improve airliner safety.

                To be fair, we need to treat everyone equally. So, we need to come up with special driver’s licenses for others who’ve broken the law, maybe not even with their very first act in our country. I propose that drunk drivers should be issued special licenses that allow them to drive to Milwaukee or St. Louis;  or Lynchburg, Tennessee or the Sonoma Valley in California. Or to the beach and Magic Mountain . Why stop them from doing so many things that most people do? They are American citizens, protected by the Constitution. Think of their kids. It’s a hardship on them as well.

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