Monday, January 19, 2015

Attacks On Paris...And The Truth

             French President Francois Hollande said the attacks on Paris had “nothing to do with Islam.”

Unless and until we summon the courage to tell the truth and openly discuss what is really occurring, we will never prevail in this existential battle of good and evil. If those in the public eye continue to look for any and every other reason for these continuing attacks around the world, we become the alcoholic that denies there is a real problem and blames his troubles on everyone and everything else. How come there is never any problem boldly stating that ‘white supremacists’ committed a crime or that a ‘fringe group’ of anti-government types are responsible? Sometimes a politically-incorrect group is blamed first for one of these atrocities committed ‘in the name of Allah’, without any evidence for the assertion. How did radical Islamic terrorists get onto the politically-correct ‘protected list’, anyway?? It’s always ‘open season’ on anyone who has the temerity to utter traditional western religious beliefs. The media revels in reporting on the Catholic priest sexual-abuse scandals. Mildly disapprove of gay marriage? Be gone with you! It’s re-education camp for you and anyone who’s had contact with you in the last ten years. Think the death penalty is warranted in the most extreme cases of multiple, heinous crimes? You’re not welcome in polite society. Your dinner invitation to Streisand’s has been cancelled. You believe spanking your child is warranted in certain rare cases? Don’t expect to keep your job at Starbucks. You believe the man should wear the pants in the family? Good luck in this society. You might want to wear a helmet if you are near a college or university. (Where there are likely to be more female than male students).
Yet Islam, with its tenets that the woman is effectively the property of the man and can be beaten when ‘necessary’ and is not supposed to go out in public without her husband or a male relative as chaperon, is untouchable. In many Islamic countries, gays are still stoned in the public square. Thieves and adulterers may have a hand or other appendage cut off, yet it is the one religion treated as  sacrosanct.
Since the recent attacks in France, there have been as many articles and opinion pieces in the local newspapers dealing with the potential ‘fallout’ to the local Islamic community as there have been on the attacks themselves. Literally. Most of these pieces, issued from trembling fingers, have speculated about how it feels to be a Muslim in America or the West today. Many have been written by Muslims, who have collectively spent a great deal of time writing and speaking about their feelings and not much time at all actually denouncing the terrorists and their attacks.
Historically, almost all of the radical Islamist terrorist (sorry, ‘insurgent’) attacks have been (barely) preceded by the cry of “Allahu akbar!” This should be a clue that it isn’t a simple case of ‘workplace violence’ about to occur.
There weren’t thousands of articles on the feelings of Germans (‘krauts’)  in newspapers across the United States during World War II, and they didn’t even  behead many people. If the Germans- or, say, youthful American males who fell under the spell of National Socialism- had killed many people in attacks here while wearing swastika-laden clothing and screaming “Heil Hitler”, authorities would not have assumed it was just another garden-variety case of workplace violence. “It’s a head-scratcher, Bob, but I’m gonna guess it was someone involved with the Communist Party.”
Historically, there has been only one truly effective way of dealing with Islamic terrorists. For a time, the English threatened to stuff pork products in and on their person at burial, preventing them from ever going to Paradise. Sadly, that is the only logical way to defeat people who worship death and are eager for the glories of Paradise, glories that they believe they will earn by killing as many ‘infidels’ as they can.

Let’s hear it for the pig.

Allahu akbar.

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