Monday, January 26, 2015

An Inconvenient Fact

                 It has now been nine years since Florida has suffered a hurricane, nearly twice as long as the previous record gap of five years between these storms. Have you heard  this on the news lately?
                Al Gore, in his infamous ‘documentary’ “An Inconvenient Truth”, posited that global warming would lead to more frequent- and destructive- hurricanes, among other specious claims.
                To wit: there is still snow on Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa, despite his prediction that it would be gone by now. More snow, in fact, than there was a few years ago.
                Think of all the time, effort and money spent to convince the populace that certain things will happen if we don’t all change our behavior immediately. Then ask yourself why it is that no one- or no  entity-  at least in the mainstream media, will voluntarily point out when these predictions are proven false. It’s so easy. These claims were made in a motion-picture in this case!
                When someone flatly asserts that thing ‘A’ will happen by date ‘A’ and that thing ‘B’ will occur by date ‘B’, etc., etc., and we’ve passed those dates, the natural thing to do would be to check the scorecard for accuracy. “Hey, he was two for five” or whatever the case may be.
                It is certainly the scientific thing to do. The hallowed ‘Scientific Method’ demands a hypothesis and conclusion. Whether for scientific advancement, or in the interest of fairness, honesty and accuracy…or even for the sheer joy of it, why wouldn’t media types point out the now demonstrably untrue statements?
                It is because these truths are inconvenient for them… and their belief systems. They are not objective, neutral reporters. They are, in essence, part of the elite ruling class They have 'skin in the game' now. And don't want egg on their face.

algorithm:  a set of rules for solving a problem in a finite number of steps

AlGoreythm:  the pace at which Al Gore predicts events that don’t come true

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