Friday, January 9, 2015

Genetic Gender Selection, What Could Go Wrong?

                “I’d like her to have kinda feminine lines, with a soft, white, backseat, four-on-the-floor, and a black top, please.” Ordering a car? Nope. Baby.
                The sex selection business is here to stay. And that may be just the start. Those folks that want to be able to pick the sex of their child will  now have that ability due to modern medical technology. ‘Pre-implantation genetic screening’, or genetic gender selection, now makes it possible through amniocentesis, or even a blood test, to determine what sex the baby would be early on in the ‘pregnancy’. If you don’t like the result, just abort and try, try again!
                We all know what’s coming with gene-mapping, etc., etc. Ads in college newspapers already frequently seek egg and sperm donors, with height and SAT score ‘requirements.’ Will we soon be submitting ‘orders’ for a particular eye color, hip-waist ratio, aggression level, length of appendages, hair color, proclivity to be a good football player or musician? If we keep on this path, the answer is a simple, emphatic, “yes.”
                The possibilities are endless. Hitler would be jealous. Perhaps a ‘master race’ is finally at hand? This moves the entire childbirth process from an intensely spiritual, sacred, time of parental bonding, wonder, joy- and yes, worry- into the realm of manufacturing and assembly.
                What could possibly go wrong? “Does it come with a warranty? I sure hope there is a ‘Lemon Law’!”
                In Australia, pre-implantation genetic screening is illegal. The Aussies are worried about what happens to human beings when we use genetics to select our children’s traits.
                Good on ya’ then, mates!

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