Thursday, May 19, 2022

Senate Democrats Vote For Unfettered Abortion


Senate Democrats recently voted in favor of a bill that would legalize abortion—nationwide-- for all nine months of pregnancy. That’s right, up to the very moment of birth, if necessary. The “Women’s Health Protection Act” received support from 49 of the 50 non-Republicans in the Senate, though it ultimately failed to succeed. The bill would have given health care providers the "right" to provide abortion services with very few requirements or limitations.

In fact, according to the WHPA's text, health care providers would have been given the green light to perform abortions without "a prohibition on abortion at any point or points in time prior to fetal viability" or "a requirement that a patient seeking abortion services at any point or points in time prior to fetal viability disclose the patient’s reason or reasons for seeking abortion services." No valid reason? No problem! No inhibitions, no prohibitions.

The measure would have removed protections for religious liberties, thereby going against the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which would have been unprecedented, as pro-choice Maine Republican Susan Collin’s office noted in a statement saying, "Congress has never before adopted legislation that contains an exemption to this religious liberty law."

What Collin’s office fails to realize is that Democrats don’t care about the religious liberty of others. They despise both religion and liberty, as practiced and enjoyed by those with traditional values. Moreover, their religion-- the one true religion mind you—holds baby-killing to be a sacrament. Abortion trumps baptism. And renders it unnecessary.

So why limit abortion to the roughly nine months of pregnancy? Or even to the few short hours after birth? Why not permit “after-birth abortions” for a week, month, or year after a fetus has exited a birthing person’s womb? Or a decade…or more? What a great defense this could provide for a person on trial for murder! “May it please the jury, I would just solemnly state that I did not murder those three people, I was just exercising my right to after-birth abortions.”

Given Democrats concurrent desire to lower the voting age, I fully expect them to soon realize that they could combine the two issues in an effort to further solidify their power. They could raise the age of legal (after-birth) abortions to coincide with a new legal age to vote. A “twofer,” as it were!

It would be a progressive Democrat’s dream if they could abort children until they were, say, 9-years-old, at which time they would be legally allowed to vote for them.

Only a racist, sexist, knuckle-dragging, ultra-MAGA bigot could be opposed to that, they would shout.

Democrats’ policies are killing the economy, strangling free speech, obliterating life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for countless millions, and extinguishing hope. They are pregnant with malice and evil.

And those policies must be aborted.





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