Sunday, May 1, 2022

Absurdity Today


Absurdity Today:

*Leftists and Great Re-setters believe in a one-world government…but an infinite number of genders. Ponder that. Crazy on steroids.

*Many atheists say that science has rendered belief in God implausible. Which is odd, because those who believe in God don’t say that faith renders belief in science implausible. Who is tolerant, open-minded, reasonable?

*Adbusters, a radical environmental group, recently took to Twitter to tell people to let the air out of other people’s SUVs in an apparent attempt to combat climate change. The group tweeted: So here’s what we do: Wedge gravel in the tire valves, leaflet the SUV to let them know the tires are flat and why it was done, and walk away. It’s that simple. If we organize, we can hit enough SUVs in particular neighborhoods to spark reporting and spread the metameme." In response, SUV owners should call for the harassment of environmental groups to combat intolerance, ignorance, and insanity.


*Progressives, who have spent much of the past, oh, century or so berating Republicans for allegedly being in bed with Big Business, are now suddenly aghast that Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has stood up to criticism Disney Corporation has made regarding his desire to protect parents’ right to know what their children are being taught in the public schools their tax dollars pay for. Disney is the beneficiary of unique and staggering government largesse stemming from a 1967 deal in which the company was granted near total control over the 27,000 acres of the Reedy Creek Improvement District on which it sits.


*Former White House coronavirus response coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx recently stated that health and government officials never promised that the vaccines would prevent infection or transmission, though that is precisely what all previous vaccines were designed to do. Instead, Birx claimed that the experimental jabs were only intended to help “protect against severe disease and hospitalization.” Yes, and condoms aren’t meant to prevent one from becoming pregnant, but to help “protect against severe pregnancy and hospitalization.” So, why were the vaccines against polio, measles, the mumps, and smallpox designed to keep one from contracting… polio, measles, the mumps, and smallpox?

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