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Rebel Stood for National Anthem

July 24, 2020

MSN.communist recently reported on the major league baseball season opener vis-à-vis social justice warring and national anthem protests in the current climate: “During a moment of solidarity Thursday in the season opener, players, managers and coaches on the Giants and Dodgers kneeled together while holding a black cloth before the national anthem. All but one. San Francisco reliever Sam Coonrod was the only person on either club who did not kneel during the moment used to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Instead, Coonrod remained standing near the far edge of the infield dirt behind first base as his teammates kneeled in almost perfect unison like the display in the Yankees-Nationals game earlier Thursday night.”

“All but one” person was in “solidarity” with his teammates and the rest of the world? “All but one” kneeled (should be “knelt”) to “support” the Black Lives Matter movement? How could that person remain standing when teammates and opponents “kneeled in almost perfect unison?” Had that person “kneeled” too, everyone would have been in perfect unison! Tears are flooding my eyes just thinking about it.

Accosted by reporters after the game, Coonrod said his Christian faith prevents him from kneeling “before anything besides God.” He added, “I’m a Christian like I said. I just can't get on board with a couple of things that I have read about Black Lives Matter. How they lean towards Marxism and they've said some negative things about the nuclear family. I just can't get on board with that."

The post went on to opine that, “Coonrod's remarks about the Black Lives Matter movement resembled those of Sen. Kelly Loeffler, R-Georgia, co-owner of the WNBA Atlanta Dream, when she said on Fox News that BLM is ‘based on Marxist principles’ and ‘doesn't support the nuclear family.’” Top BLM members have themselves repeatedly stated that the organization is based on the desire to abolish the nuclear family, destroy America, and usher in an era of Marxist bliss.

No matter. If Coonrod and Sen. Loeffler aren’t educated or woke enough to get behind the stated goals of Black Lives Matter, their views should be summarily dismissed.

So, Coonrod stood, apart from his peers, instead of obediently and reflexively doing as they did? Kinky. Is he some kind of a perverted freak? A weirdo? Does he believe there is somehow more than one correct opinion on anthem protests? Is he a rebel, a ne’er do well, an agitator, perhaps an agent provocateur? A resister, a liberal…a…a…malcontent? Bohemian?

This is heresy. I say, burn Coonrod at the stake.


Chappaqua, N.Y.

September 22, 2017


Hillary Clinton: “I welcome you all here this morning, to my hometown. I invited you here to clarify a few things regarding the 2016 presidential election. There has been a lot of speculation about why I supposedly “lost” that election. Well, I did not lose that election…I actually won the popular vote! So, suck it Trump! Suck it Bernie! Anyway, I don’t want to get off track or appear bitter, or anything. People say I’ve blamed this and that for my supposed “loss,” when in fact I feel I’ve been the most abused and misunderstood, yet magnanimous non-winner in election history! While it is simply a statement of fact that, to cite a few examples, Macedonian content farms, Matt Lauer, sexism, pantsuits, and gluten-free diets are all partially to blame for my defeat, I come before you today, clearheaded, to tie everything together and lay the blame squarely at the feet of…the English language. (A few small gasps are heard, chuckles suppressed, and many baffled glances exchanged).

              “It is clear, my friends, that I have been the victim of a vast English-language conspiracy. Yes, language itself has discriminated against me. For instance, Trump’s Tweets, in which he employed something similar to the English language, constantly debased me. The mainstream media utilized language to convince people that I was such a prohibitive favorite that many didn’t bother to go to the polls.

              “Wikileaks released many of my own emails in which I myself, and/or my aides, stated, in clear English, that I despised Americans in flyover country, and professed to have no clue whatsoever about all things computer-related.

              “Of course, there was also the fact that I used the term “basket of deplorables” to describe my opponents voting base.

              “Bernie the Marxist did me no favors, either, when he coined the term, “Crooked Hillary.”

              “Even my new book title, “What Happened?” has been criticized as being something a four-year-old might say…”Wha’ happen’?”

              “In light of all this, I think it’s fair to say that no reasonable person could blame me for losing the 2016 presidential election.

              “Realistically, I had no chance. I was waylaid by words.”  


 September 9, 2020

                       NFL Plans To Play "Black National Anthem" Before All Week 1 Games        

            The NFL is planning to have “Lift Ev’ry Voice And Sing,” more commonly known as the Black National Anthem, played or performed before all of its first week games this season, the ever so woke sports network ESPN gleefully reported recently. The network cited a source supposedly familiar with the plans and said that the song will be played prior to “The Star-Spangled Banner.” ESPN added that the league is considering putting the names of victims of police brutality on player uniforms. In days of yore, national anthems were explicitly a vehicle to unite a nation’s people through their shared history and pride in their country.

There is as of yet no word on if and when the league plans to play the “Yellow,” “Brown,” or “Red” National Anthems. Nor has the NFL announced plans to play “National Anthems” of atheists, pangenders, Catholics, bisexual mulatto transvestites, or of middle-class agnostics who were born on Tuesday afternoons during the month of May. These oversights, too, must be redressed if the nation is to finally live up to its erstwhile promise. Right?

A question for you, though, one I haven’t seen elsewhere. What would happen if I, or any players, took a knee during the Black National Anthem? Would I/we be considered principled and courageous, or would we be excommunicated from the Church of Woke, shunned and vilified? Or worse? Why?

Land of the free? Home of the brave? 

                                It Was A Dark Night For Stormy (A Shameless Cliche Fest) 

                It was a dark and Stormy night. All Ms. Daniels wanted was a warm bed…and a clean slate. But, after the judge handed her a fine kettle of fish, she didn’t have a pot to piss in. “I guess this is what happens when you put all your eggs in one basket,” she thought. She was at her wit’s end. Which was not that far from her wit’s beginning.
                At least she still had her career. For now. It was a tough row to hoe, bending over backwards for everyone. But hey, another day, another dollar, right? Beggars can’t be choosers. She would get back in the saddle again. Sure, they might beat around the bush a little, but a job was a job. And, she thought, “not to blow my own horn, but I’m good at it. Anyway, boys will be boys and need to blow off some steam now and again.”
                Sure, she’d come up with some cock and bull stories in the past, but some of them were true, even if not everyone was caught with their pants down. That Avenatti character! Some “lawyer!” He would’ve been in over his head in a toddler’s wading pool. She had a bone to pick with him, but she’d have the last laugh. He was in hot water now! Deep kimchi, even! He had told her he was as honest as the day is long, but he was lying through his teeth. He should have tried the one about the three bears. He was a few fries short of a Happy Meal, no doubt about it. In fact, he was crazy as a loon. “It takes all kinds,” she sighed.
                Well, there was no use crying over spilt milk. That was the naked truth. What was it the British said? “Keep a stiff upper lip?” Or was it, “Keep your pecker up?!” Maybe both she decided. She smiled. “I guess I can help them with that.”  

                                    April 3rd, 2018

                                    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Everywhere you go
Whether at five or ten, it's glistening once again
Because of all the effing snow
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Shoveling galore
But the damndest sight to see is the folly that will be
When it snows once more
A pair of thermal pac boots and a Thinsulate™ snow suit
Is the wish of Barney and Ben
Someone that won’t balk at blowing the walk
Is the hope of Janice and Jen
And Mom and Dad can hardly wait for summer to start again
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Everywhere you go,
We’re stuck in this living Hell, it’s cold before dark as well
It won’t be long until all our minds will blow
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Perhaps your car won’t start
And the thing that makes us scream is that this is not a dream
Though spring’s in our hearts
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Though Easter we have passed
And the scariest sights to see are the icicles on the trees
Is it an ice age at last?
At this weather we’re aghast!


 Late December, 1998--
Bill Clinton's Promise To The Congress, Court and People Of The United States:

                       I will not philander anymore
                       I will not do it in a store
                       I will not do it in a boat
                       I will not do it with a goat
                       I will not spoo on Al Gore's coat

                       I will not do it before noon
                       I will not do it in the month of June
                       I will not do it on the moon
                       I will not do it anytime soon

                       I will not do it with a lamb
                       I will not do it smeared with jam
                       I will not do it with you ma'am
                       I will not do it...Bill I am!

                                                                Nature Versus Nurture

                      Put a baby male yak in a dress, permanently subject a rooster to sensitivity training, and make a lion watch Oprah for a year...and what would we expect to see in terms of behavioral changes? Do "experts" believe that they would all, at some point, roll over on their backs, become moody, wonder if they're fat, and vote for Democrats?

                                                                Clinton Epitaphs

                     Bill: "Liar, liar, pants on fire."
                     Hillary: "Liar, liar, pantsuits on fire."

                                                                  Terri Schiavo

                    The only time liberals don’t like government intervention  in our lives (think taxes, massive forced income redistribution, abortion ‘rights’, smoking bans, etc.) is that rare time when it appears government may be about to intervene in governments  ability to intervene in our lives.
                 “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.-“
                  This statement was crafted so beautifully and with such clarity, there can be no logical misinterpretation.
                 All. Equal.
                 Endowed by their Creator.
                 Unalienable Rights.
                 LIFE, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. (I don’t see, “and the unfettered pursuit of abortion(s)”-that “LIFE” thing kinda makes it doubtful they simply forgot to include that).
                 Despite doubts-and massive evidence to refute her husband’s claims (from many of her nurses, her parents, her brother, etc.) - Terri Schiavo is going to die because a judge wants her to. The lone individual-unelected. The system of checks and balances is gone. In express defiance of the Constitution, due process has been thrown out…like Terri’s life. The executive and legislative branches have been negated. We are a nation now being ruled by Judicial fiat. I was going to say whim, but it isn’t that…nor is it an isolated case. Would that it were. It is a concerted effort- by liberal judges who think they are God, yet are anti-God- to force an agenda of Sophisticated European  Secular Equivocation down the people’s throats even while not ‘allowing’ food and water to go down Terri’s. In this sense, we have taxation without representation.
                 Of course, according to polls, the majority of people in this country want her dead. This is because, Speaking of Persistent Vegetative States, the majority of people in this country are too busy watching Jerry Springer  and/or ‘Desperate Housewives’ to give a crap about current affairs, history, the future,  or , well….others’ lives or deaths. And the mass media? Scandalous and despicable.
                Many on the left in this society now don’t believe in right or wrong. They will forgive anything…anything….EXCEPT someone who thinks they may be ‘right’ about something. To these people, no sin can compare to that.
                 O.K….I’ll play. Say there is no God or Heaven, no right or wrong. By DEFINITION then it doesn’t matter (isn’t right-or wrong) if you kill me, I kill you, you shoot Howard Dean as you smoke a cigarette, I screw your wife,  your young daughter,  your dog…
                What would happen with absolute certainty in such a society would be violence, death and rape of unimaginable proportions,  chaos, grief and utter despair. Obvious. Funny, though…how could there be grief and despair- even among those who purport not to believe in right or wrong- if there is no right and wrong? Doesn’t make sense, yet you KNOW it’d be there. Almost makes one think that things do matter…that maybe there IS a right and wrong….or….dare I say it…a Creator. (The ‘c’ in Creator was  capitalized by our founding fathers in the ‘Declaration of Independence’…the document that gave birth to, and laid the founding principles of….our nation).
                 Unbelievably, a few short Easters ago, a small boy named Elian Gonzalez was-after incredible struggle and hardship- brought ashore to experience a rebirth of life in this nation….President Clinton and Janet Reno sent him packing. Took him at GUNPOINT. No room at THIS  Inn! Enjoy totalitarianism (they MAY have more qualified judges in Cuba).
                 Unbelievably, this Easter, Terri’s opponents say she’s being kept alive by ‘artificial’ means. Yeah, that food and water…artificial stuff. (Now whenever someone has their jaw broken-and wired shut-whoops, so sorry, you’re toast!). Yet, unbelievably, today the Pope had a feeding tube inserted into his nose to help him survive. Hmmmmmm….?
                 It is not the rule of law preventing Terri from being saved. Nothing could possibly be farther from the truth. It is the exact opposite. The ACLU and it’s minions and supporters are happy. We should be shocked and outraged. Terri-and our Constitution- lay dying.
                 Pitty there is NO elected national politician in office today who cares more about that than their poll numbers.

                               A Government of the Judiciary, by the Judiciary, for the Judiciary

                 The Supreme Court thumbs its collective nose at the President-and the Congress. It ignores the Constitution and shoves the idea of checks and balances aside. Interpret the law? Hell no, we make the law as we go along…we are the law! It’s a Living Constitution, our document! We have to kill Terry Schiavo!..Ahem, we mean let her die, give her dignity, etc., etc.
                Let’s see now…courts bend over backwards to protect the ‘rights’ of convicted mass murderers (free legal counsel leading often to stays of execution in those few backward states that allow  capitol punishment for heinous serial killers).
                 These same courts bend over backwards, forwards and/or any other way you care to name to protect ‘abortion rights’ (is this an inalienable right from God?  Perhaps Jefferson forgot to single this one out).
                It seems a tad  ‘odd’ to this parochial,  red-state mind that a minor can walk into an abortion clinic (wearing, shall we say a ‘Peace’ belt buckle and not all that much else) and kill her kid (sorry, ‘non-viable tissue mass’… also odd, since every single human being for bad, good & indifferent- including herself -was then by her own definition ‘non-viable’ at the same time in their lives) without breaking a law or even having to notify her parents. However, if she were to light up a cigarette- the horror. She’d be rebuked if not jailed, parents would be notified, and the business where she bought the heaters might be fined, banned from selling tobacco products for a month, put on t.v.  and held up for general ridicule and contempt) .
                Logic is not a strong suit of liberal dogma.
                But I digress.
So, where are we? Convicted killers are given due process. The innocent unborn…screw ‘em. Can’t tickle a terrorist under the armpit with a feather, for God’s sake! That’d be cruel. Where’s his/her lawyer, the ACLU? He/she only was involved with plotting to kill thousands of innocent people, or, Insha Allah, exterminate the entire ‘New World’. We can’t make him/her uncomfortable even if it does lead to information that could save thousands of  innocent  people.
                 However, Terry Schiavo, dammit, we need  to  kill her via starvation/dehydration. However,  that’s  too cruel for criminals and terrorists who-if they must be subject to the barbaric death penalty  by those radical religious right kooks- should at least get the dignity of a lethal injection.
                 This innocent American citizen, with full rights uncompromised by criminal behavior, etc. must be killed, because her husband wants her dead. Gloria? NOW?  ACLU?  M.A.D.D.? P.E.T.A? I thought as much.
                  Despite nearly all the evidence-nurses, friends, family, video, etc., the courts want her dead.
Her husband (currently a polygamist, but that’s something else we apparently don’t care much about) re-married and has been heard repeatedly to ask ‘when is that bitch gonna die’? There are allegations of abuse, etc.
                 Liberal activist courts (and their apologists/supporters) don’t like the Gulf War. They don’t like the American military. They don’t like innocent Americans to be able to defend themselves via firearms.
They don’t like Terry Schiavo (although  it’d be hard to call her a non-viable tissue mass-they’ve been starving her for seven days now, and she’s still here and alive, and fighting hard for her life, albeit looking like a Holocaust survivor at this point). They don’t like the ‘unborn’.
                However they will do anything for criminals and terrorists, those proven to be serial killers and the like- unless they’ve labeled you a criminal BECAUSE you’re an American soldier and may have tickled an  Iragi terrorist, and maybe even lit up a cigarette or two.

                 To the liberal mind, violence for a purpose-to make the world a better place, or defend the innocent or oneself- is inexcusable. However, violence against the innocent- often for their own convenience-is fine, as is violence for entertainment in movies, etc.
When Terry Schiavo dies, as liberal activist courts have pre-ordained,  the Constitution of the United States will die with her. Only their fictitious ‘Living Document’ will survive.

                 And it….will be… a ‘non-viable tissue mass’ in the sad, blood-red eyes of  history.


October, 1990-

                                    Top Ten Things Heard In A Northwest Airlines Cockpit

10) "We're at 25,000 feet, Al, but I'm even higher!"
9)  "Crap, I've spilled my Mai-Tai on the autopilot controls again!"
8)  "That damn stewardess charged us full price again this round, Bob!"
7)  "Hey, we're running low on pull tabs up here..."
6)  "You take it, Ed, I've gotta go throw another leak."
5)  "Look, there's a moon over my Manhattan!"
4)  "Do we get 3.2 or strong up here?"
3)  "Dammit, she knows I get three olives in my martini!"
2)  "Who put their cigarette out in my Budweiser?"

                 And the number one thing heard in a Northwest Airlines cockpit...

1)  "Why don't they have sick bags hanging over us?!"


From a Dec. 15, 2001 Associated Press Report-

                “The Salvation Army’s red kettles, an abiding symbol of holiday goodwill, are at the center of a battle over gay rights this Christmas season.”
                How could  they be you ask? And just weeks after 9/11 we can’t find other battles to fight?
                Well, the Christian charity’s national leadership rescinded a decision by its 13-state Western branch to offer health benefits to ‘domestic partners’ of gay and lesbian employees.
                So naturally a number of gay rights supporters and organizations are refusing to donate to the Salvation Army, many actually dropping ‘protest notes’ into the kettles in lieu of cash. The group ‘Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians and Gays’ (PFLAG) has taken up the cause at its national headquarters in Washington, D.C. Its Internet site shows supporters how to make copies of the protest notes, which according to the report “vaguely resemble $5 bills.” The mother of a gay man started the campaign at the Flint, Michigan PFLAG branch. She said of the Salvation Army’s decision, “It seemed so mean.” That was well thought out. It doesn’t seem ‘mean’ to you to withhold money from the needy by protesting a Christian charity at Christmas-time?!?
                Lt. Col. Tom Jones, community relations and development secretary at the Salvation Army’s national headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia said, “We’re a Christian organization. We don’t provide those benefits for heterosexual couples that aren’t married.” Box.
                Not the proudest moment for gays and lesbians and those supporting this ‘protest’. Must everything always be about the GLBT community?
    Let’s hope we can all salvage some logic and decency from this holiday season.


                  Republicans want to call ketchup a vegetable? Why, they want to diminish your child's school lunch program! Demonic bastards! Don't they know it's a fruit?
                  Well, Alec Baldwin says he wants to stone Henry Hyde and KILL his kids. Maybe all Republican kids? This doesn't make the news. Period. Anywhere, anytime, except when treated as a humorous lark. What if he- or anyone else- had stated that he wanted to stone Bill Clinton and KILL his kid? Might be part of the news cycle, I'm guessing. Oh well, it's not important. Simply killing innocent children can't compare to putting ketchup into the vegetable family. Yes, that Republicans were considering categorizing ketchup as a vegetable in school lunches received hundreds of hours of air time on commercial and cable newscasts.

                  Who are the vegetables? The blood- red stain that is spurting from the heart of this country, growing ever larger, is not the result of a squashed tomato. It is the result of the liberal assasins bullet. It is the protection of the common man, the rule of law and freedom itself that lies dying. And above all, Natural Law.
                  Miss Liberty's torch is turned down low. She sinks slowly into the mire, and slouches toward...Gomorrah.
                  You see, killing children (the Democratic Party is the only non-communist/totalitarian party in the history of the world to state that one cannot be a legitimate delegate if one disagrees with infantacide) is a simple matter of choice. Our choice, of course. Convenience for the living. We made an earlier choice, but that choice was really just a silly mistake. I mean we all have our urges. Why should we have to suffer the consequences of those urges when we can just snuff out the result of those urges. All done! I'm 'soooo big' now. 'Sooo big'. All done.
                  You go girls! Get 'em sisters! That radical, religious right is responsible for making us tolerant, open-minded people want to kill them!
                   And Hollywood cheers.

Nov. 6, 2005...Reuters News Service
                  Faced with 12 consecutive nights of looting in many of her cities, with cars on fire and anti-government chants in the air by dis-enfranchised young muslims, the government of France today announced its "total, unconditional and unequivocal surrender."


December 18, 2010
                                                                                                                                          The Truman Doctrine vs. the Truman Capote Doctrine 

         “Don’t ask, don’t tell”, that archaic notion of not prying into other peoples private lives or touting/flaunting your own has finally been replaced throughout our nation’s military by a senate vote and pressure from the Obama administration.

         In its place? The new law of the military land is, “the Truman Capote Doctrine”.

         “Oh, you don’t have to ask honey, I’ll tell you right now that I am gayer than Barney Frank on crack at a San Francisco leather sale! And WHERE did you get those epaulets?!! They’re to die for!!”

         We’ve previously had the Monroe, Truman and Reagan Doctrines.

        They are as nothing but quaint relics of a bygone era compared to the Truman Capote Doctrine.

        “We may not be as intimidating a fighting force as we once were-in the usual sense, anyway- but, by God if you need to give your capitol building a face-lift…we’re your armed GLBT resource!”.

      “Nothing can stop the U. S Air Force” was an o.k. motto for its time, but pales compared to, “We always know where the credenza should go!”

      “We’re looking for a few good men?”

      Who isn’t baby?! LOL. At the same time, even.:)

      And “The few…the proud…the marines!” is much better updated to:

      “The few…the hard….in the latrines!” That’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout baby!!

      The Monroe Doctrine as outlined by the president himself on December 2nd, 1823 stated that, “European powers would no longer colonize or interfere with the affairs of the newly independent nations of the Americas…”

     The Truman Capote Doctrine of the current administration slightly modifies the Monroe Doctrine. This new Doctrine proclaims, “Any member (oooh) of the U.S. military can have an affair with any powerful European’s colon without interference from the Americas”.

     The Reagan Doctrine was the paramount policy as regards the former Soviet Union from the early 1980’s until 1991 when the Cold War was won by the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. collapsed. Under this policy approach, “the U.S. would provide overt and covert aid to anti-communist guerrillas in an effort to roll back Soviet influence around the globe”.

      The new Doctrine tweaks and modifies this approach to the following: “The U.S. will roll guerrillas onto their backs in an overt and covert effort to influence aids around the globe”.

     The Truman Doctrine as spelled out in March of 1947 by the President himself stated, “It is the policy of the U.S. to support free people who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or outside pressures”.

     The Truman Capote’ Doctrine  of the current administration states: “It is the policy of the U.S.-and it’s military- to support free people who do not (seriously) resist subjugation (Ummmm!) by armed-or unarmed- swarthy minorities who wish to pressure their outsides- or their insides!”
                           Senate Approves Bill That Removes Ban on Sodomy and Bestiality
(Headline of article in  CNS News...December 1, 2011)-

     The U.S Senate has repealed the military ban on sodomy via a 93-7 vote; the same vote also repealed the ban on sex with animals-or bestiality. (“Got your goat” potentially has a whole new meaning now!). This, of course, was done to be in line with the current pro-gay military doctrine of the Obama administration.  (Article 125 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice is/was the law in question, here. It was repealed).

     Anything else you guys would like to repeal while you’re at it? You’re on a roll!

     Want to repeal the ban on sex with kids (not young sheep, that’s already by the wayside as previously stated)? Necrophilia?

     Of course, the left cheered the decision.

    Modern-day liberals, in love with government control over the people who don’t share their values-or valuelessness- always strive for more laws. Indeed, the only laws they don’t like are natural laws. Yes, the  laws of nature-and nature’s God- these they wish to repeal!

 February 6, 1998-

Tom Clancy Reaches Tentative Agreement To Purchase Minnesota Vikings- Sid Hartman Interview

Sid: Thanks, Mr. Clancy, for agreeing to this interview.

T.C.: No problem for a close personal friend, Sid!

Sid: First off, can anyone beat the NFC champ next year? And what about New England in the AFC?

T.C.: Well, it’s a Red Storm Rising, Sid, but I am  concerned about our Patriot Games.

Sid: Whaddaya think about Jake Plummer and the Arizona team visiting Moscow?

T.C.: Well, I guess there will be a Cardinal in the Kremlin after all.

Sid: What if the Vikings are locked into the Metrodome with the current lease agreement unchanged?
T.C.: That is a Clear and Present Danger.
Sid: What do you think about Dennis Green getting a long-term contract to coach this team, as he seems determined to do?
T.C.: That’s The Sum of All Fears!
Sid: Could you fire him or buy him out?
T.C.: Without Remorse.
Sid: What’ll it take to get this team back  to the Super Bowl?
T.C.: My Executive Orders, Sid. My Executive Orders. Well, Sid, I’ve got to run. Gotta get back to The Op Center.
Sid: Thank you Mr. Clancy, sir.
 February 6th, 2003-
     So it was the space shuttle Columbia's left wing that was damaged and caused the break-up of the ship...and the tragic deaths of her crew...including the first Israeli astronaut. The debris field was centered around the town of Palestine, Texas. George Bush's home state, where Dick Cheney was at the time. Simple facts all, but so outlandish, they give one pause...

     The following is based on an actual incident that occurred when I was attending the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota some years ago.

     Our professsor had informed my class that we would be writing several papers that semester. He went on to say that the use of the masculine form would be prohibited. “The feminine is fine and neuter is permissible, but anyone using the masculine at any time on any of these papers will have their work automatically disqualified. As an example, substitute the word ‘person’ for man. Anytime you were going to use ‘m..a..n’ use ‘person’ instead. Clear? Of course, you could use ‘woman’ in place of ‘man’ as well.” This is an almost verbatim quote. True story.

     Being the rebel that I am, I raised my hand and asked him a question…well, actually a couple of them.

“First off, is this a business class, or did I wander into a women’s study course?” Glaring from the prof.

     “Also, if we are to use ‘person’ instead of ‘man’, we’d have to write ‘woperson’, not ‘woman’, in place of man. Seems kinda confusing. Guess it's just me. Oh, well…at least it’s neutral. I'll go with it. O.k.?”

     More glaring and then, “Are you quite done?”


     So I wrote this instead.

                             “What This Class Has Meant to Me: A Look Back After Twenty Years”

                   I am so glad I was accepted to the Carlson School of Personagement! Attending this business class, with its politically-correct writing persondate has fundamentally changed my values, belief system and daily outlook on life. My new persontra is this: let’s throw off the personacles those affluent white Anglo-Saxon Protestants have placed on our wrists and ankles! Those greedy few with their personicured lawns who personipulate the rest of personkind for their own benefit.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      (I admit, after the first class I felt my personhood was challenged. When I questioned you in class I could see in your eyes you thought I held personiacal ideas and you depersonded that I comply with your rules. I personaged to control my temper even though I felt that  the class was being needlessly personipulated and personeuvered by this persondatory grammar usage. Am I glad I did!).

                I decided I didn’t want to go into business. Didn’t want to work for ‘the person’! I was now restless. I wanted to do things I hadn’t done, see things I hadn’t seen, think things I hadn’t thought. Feel things I hadn’t felt! I wanted to trash everything that came before me! It was so enlightening, person! Peace and free love to all! (Except those heinous WASP’Y Columbus descendents who’ve raped the planet. To hell with their ‘Personifest Destiny’!).

     So I went to Personhattan, New York. (Almost fell into a personhole!). Then I visited persongrove swamps on the Gulf Coast and communed with personatees. Went to Personitoba, Canada. I even started playing the persondolin. I read the Communist Personifesto. I was a real person.

                But something happened. Perhaps it was because, being out of school, there was no one (except the mainstream media) to tell me exactly what to think and do. And to tell me what is right (political correctness) and what is wrong (intolerance) even while claiming everything is really a grey area.

                I became lost. I drifted awhile. I went into personual labor for a time. Started eating Personwhiches (remember those?) I bought a Mickey Persontle baseball card. I didn’t make persony friends. I tried writing personuscripts. Hollywood didn’t like them, even though I never used the masculine form.                                                                                                                                                                           Then an odd thing happened. I started getting some of my own feelings and thoughts. Soon I was formulating my own ideas and opinions…even values. It got so bad I almost became that personification of capitalism, a personufacturer’s rep.

                Yet, amazingly, I personaged to scrape by, get married and have  kids. As I sit here now on my ottoperson I am happy. It is Christmas-time and I’m listening to ‘Away in the Personger’. Always liked that song. I live in the suburbs, yet I don’t feel guilty.

                And I’ve finally realized something. That whole ‘writing’ exercise in your class? It wasn’t to enlighten, it was to obfuscate. It was all horse-personure! But I did ok, anyway. I think for myself, now. I am free.

                And that’s why I’m glad I took your ‘business’ class at the ironically named Carlson School of Management. Man, it felt good to get that off my chest! Cheers.

         As a sophomore at the University of Minnesota many years ago I signed up for a biology class. Nothing in the prospectus, course description, etc. stated that this was anything other than…a biology class. I attended the first lecture and realized this was a big class. At the appointed time the professor approached the lecturn and informed us that this class he taught was actually a Marxist biology class. I didn’t know there was- or could be- a Marxist biology class. He laid it all out for us. Basically it was the Kruschev, “we will bury you” tirade plus the Marxist-Leninist take that “capitalism will end up on the ash heap of history”.  And that biological processes made these outcomes inevitable! Stupefying.

                Talk about false advertising, or misleading information! This prof would have been- and was- all over any business with deceptive practices, yet hundreds of us students unwittingly paid  many hundreds of dollars each for his bizarre  attempted indoctrination.

                At least with Women’s Study- excuse me ‘Womyn’s Study-’ classes I’d assume that most of those who enroll know what they’re going to get.  (One of my  friends at the time got dumped by his long-time girlfriend after she took a Women’s Study class and decided she’d rather be a lesbian. I never stopped ribbing him). But biology?

                Higher education?


- November 17, 2000

                                                           CBS News Special Bulletin
            Based on temperatures across the Upper Midwest running a full seven to eight degrees colder than normal for the first half of November, CBS news is now projecting that Planet Earth will succumb to a global winter, a wholesale cooling of the Earth's atmosphere that likely will lead to cataclysmic climatic events over the next few hundred years.
            According to University of Massachusett's professor of Climate, Meteorology and Natural Sciences, Debra Borden-St. Pitts-Croft, humanity will be greatly challenged over the next few centuries, at least, to reverse a crisis of its own making.
            "We have been fools not to see this coming," Borden-St. Pitts-Croft said late yesterday to a group of Greenpeace activists and media representatives.
            "Obviously, man with his polluting ways has put a toxic screen of impenetrable proportions into the atmosphere, reducing the suns meager ability to shower us with its life giving warmth," said Ms. B.S.-Croft.
            "Of course, it is the capitalist West that shoulders the blame for this rape...this genocidal attack on our Mother...the earth! As we all know, we in this country have only one percent of the Earth's population, yet we consume 89% of the Earth's energy and contribute 99.99% of the particulates into her atmosphere."
            Asked specifically what the results of Global Cooling would be, Ms. B.S.-Croft responded, "We are headed for an ice age...a friggin' ice age, do you hear me?!!
            "The resulting loss of plant growth, and therefore oxygen alone will be catastrophic!"
            It has been nearly 25 years since the last prediction of massive global cooling.
            Asked if there was anything mankind could do now to avert this crisis, Ms. B.S.-Croft said, "No, we're toast."
 Washington, D.C.- April 1st, 1999:

                              President Clinton's approval ratings topped 100% for the first time Tuesday according to a new CNN poll conducted by the public-service group "Accuracy in Media." Many pundits and pollsters thought his approval ratings couldn't go any higher after his breathtaking rise in the polls following the health-care fiasco, Vincent Foster's unexplained death, Ron Brown's expiration in unusual circumstances, Whitewater, Travelgate,  Filegate, Chinagate, and his numerous alleged affairs with, among others, Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Dolly Kyle Browning, Monica Lewinsky and "Jane Doe #5."
                            Indeed, even many close to the president thought that after the perjury and obstruction of justice charges, as well as alleged witness-tampering (as regards Betty Currie), the president's ratings would stabilize or plateau. Instead, he was actually impeached...and his approval ratings soared anew. Again, 'conventional wisdom' said that this was as high as Mr. Clinton could go.

                           But of course, this was before the most recent allegations of on-going affairs with several White House maids,  a cook, the Ambassadors from New Guinea and Madagascar, and five members of the United States women's Olympic synchronized-swimming team.

                               I might CONSIDER listening to these Hollywood ‘stars’, these millionaires (‘life’s lottery winners’) if they gave up their mansions, their  (gas-guzzling) limos, boats, planes, etc. and their money that are the DIRECT result of the American capitalist system.
                  This unbelievable, staggering hypocrisy (Hey, Alec Baldwin, STONED a Hyde child lately in the interest of ‘peace’?) is sickening.
                   The annual per-capita income in MOST of the rest of the world is less than a high-school part-timer making minimum wage makes here. This is not because of the size of the country or it’s ‘natural’ resources ( oddly enough, man and the product of his self-aware, thinking brain isn’t ‘natural’ OR a resource according to the Bible-phobic, radical, anti-Christian, Hollywood left), but because of it’s lack of a free-market system…i.e. freedom.
                Much of the rest of the world has no Hollywood in it’s midst…doesn’t offer up oodles of ‘slick’ movies with the latest computer-generated side effects. Doesn’t have time for make-believe celluloid stories from fake people with false convictions (other than a firm belief in their own superiority…for being…what…who?), let alone salon, nail, tanning-booth , astrology and psycho-therapy sessions. Much of the rest of the world is too busy trying to survive to give you the praise you feel you so richly deserve for  criticizing ( typically only when it’s led by a Republican) the one and only governmental and economic system that could give them the sustenance & comfort they crave.

                 By-the-way, we know for a FACT that Iraq AT LEAST aided and abetted the FIRST world trade center bombing in 1993….but liberals in the media are CERTAIN that Iraq couldn’t POSSIBLY have had ANYTHING to do with the 9/11 attack?!! The very same damn BUILDING on the same soil was attacked by Iraqis eight years earlier and Iraq , to them, is not even suspect in 9/11?

                  Liberals, as embodied by Hollywood and artsy types, etc.,  love-indeed live- to ‘push  the envelope.’ The more disturbing, the kinkier, the more violent and off-the-wall, the more offensive, outlandish…the better. They themselves admit and adhere to this notion.  We’re just trying to make people think. You should be as tolerant, sophisticated  and open-minded to everything as we are. There shouldn’t be a right and wrong. (In their perfect world, nothing could shock and offend a truly enlightened person…and consequently  they might be out of a job).
                Yet, in example 2,198 of rank hypocrisy, they can’t stand conservatives ‘pushing the envelope’ by…… simply telling the truth… or relating a story.
                 “The Passion of the Christ” receives no nominations for Academy Awards, yet only a couple years ago, “the People Against Larry Flint” does. The fantasy ‘artistic’ portrayal of Christ in a jar of urine (what?)…fine… the actual recounting of Christ’s  crucifixion….no good. Could trouble children you know, overly violent…why this love for violence? Why the need to be so graphic? Maybe because it was a freakin’ crucifixion?!!  Tellingly-and sickeningly- liberals approve of violence for entertainment  purely made up to titilate a television or movie/book audience.  NO reason for it, but it’s there anyway-‘cuz  that’s what you folks want. It’s fun.
                 However, actual violence-for a reason- they detest. Moral violence-unavoidable, to an ethical, free nation- that stops a Hitler, a Saddam, a Stalin, a Pol –Pot…they somehow detest. If it frees people, stops the killing and torture of innocents….it’s unacceptable. If it ACHIEVES no positive result(s), it’s great and we who aren’t fond of this kind of violence simply have to understand that or we’re closed-minded, intolerant bigots.
                Liberals have as their ‘religion’ the defense of baby-killing.  This genocide…abortion on demand… is simply being ‘pro-choice’. This is the most staggering, offensive, in-your-face euphemism in the history of the world. Gee, choices are good. Say, that’s what conservatives want, too! Common ground? I choose  to slap around Howard Dean, taunt Janet Reno about her sexual orientation while on campus, drink and drive, or club a baby seal over the head…or even just light up a smoke in a bar in L.A. I choose not to pay income taxes that go explicitly to programs I disagree with. Ain’t choice grand? Except I get jailed and you don’t even have to notify your mother! Ah, it’s not like I was firing up a heater…just killed a kid….no big deal.
                Yet, these same liberals who sanction abortion, often detest the death penalty for heinous criminals who’ve made a dinette set out of an innocent family! And also often believe that harming- in any way, for any reason, including medical discoveries- an animal is the most serious of all possible crimes.
                There are ONLY two possible,’ logical’ reasons for this. One, they are the victims of mental illness….or two, truly evil.